My logo for design


In design, we have been working towards creating a logo that represents ourselves as designers for the past 2 months. At this stage, we are done with creating our logo on Adobe Illustrator and are now getting as much feedback as possible to recognise things that we can fix and things that we have done well. This is my logo:

Here are some questions that I would appreciate if you could answer as feedback for my logo:


In what ways does my logo represent me as an individual/designer?

What are some things that I could improve on? Change?

What changes would you make?

What message does my logo send to you in terms of feelings, topic of the logo, etc. 


Thank you and have a great day!

Unité 1: Parlez-vous français – critères C et D à l’oral

Task: create a role play to include all of the information you have learned since the beginning of the year.


  • What were some of the challenges (if any)?

Our recording wasn’t long enough, and I think this is because are minds were on getting it done on time and turning it in so we forgot about. Of course, during our first time we were going to record we had kept it in our mind and had practiced reciting our script with the stopwatch.

Time management

  • Some of the challenges in time management for me (and kind of my partner group) was that I was absent for 2-3 of the classes so I had missed out on learning few of the phrases which made it a little hard for me and my partner to finish the recording on time since I had to catch up during the last day we were aloud to record in class. So, we had planned to do it during one of our lunch recesses but it slipped out of my mind and we had to postpone it to the day it was due.
  • Work ethic of my partner
    • I feel like my partner was interactive with this assignment and helped me understand the script a little for the days I missed.
  • Pronunciation
    • I think I was paying attention to my pronunciation but some of the words were a . little hard for me to understand how to pronounce so I didn’t get it all the time. I think the next time we have any kind of oral assessment, I will have to get some help through my french teacher or through the internet on the pronunciation for the words that I fond challenging.
  • Was my partner easy to work with?
    • My partner was quite easy to work with. Sometimes when we record she would pronounce the words a little weirdly making me a little giggly. Although this may sound immature, it is true (I am not very good with holding my laughter).
  • What did I learn about myself through this experience?
    • I learnt that if I find something hard, big or small, I should get some help from my teacher. I also learnt that forgetting to do something at the respective or set time can lead you to turning in your assignments late or not being able to do the best you know you could have (time-management/organisation).


  • How do I feel about my results?
    • I feel like I could definitely have done a lot better with the right time-management and with a little more practice of pronunciation and the script/words in general. I also feel like I definitely should have gone for extra help since I missed out on a few days of school and should have done a little more to catch up.
  • Goal for next assessment (to get better grade)
    • No last minute work and getting a little extra in (if there is time and extra things on the respective topic) so that it sticks and I am sure about what I am learning. Also, if I miss any classes I will make sure to either consult my peers, teacher or partner (if I have one).
  • What am I going to do differently to achieve this goal?
    • Im going to practice, practice, practice! Organising my time wisely and making sure both me and my partner (if I have one) are on track. Not pushing anything to the last minute as well as going for extra help sessions to polish the required skills.
  • Things to improve on (overall
    • Organisation and my time-management!

Here is mine and my partner’s recording (sorry about the background noise). I hope you enjoy!

Ukulele assignment #2 – Count on Me

Hi There!

The recording below is our recent Ukulele assignment in Music where we can pick a song to play and sing on the ukulele. We also had to add software instruments to the song and make our own remix. Here is my recording (the recording wasn’t working so I am going to finish it and update it by latest Oct 30th). Enjoy!

This is my reflection for this project:

How is your recording the same as the original song? Why did you do this? *
I have used the same ukulele chords like in the original song and was planning to keep the lyrics along with the singing style the same. I did this because I am not yet experienced enough to change the chords and the style completely. Also there has to be some element(s) of recognition in terms of the listener knowing what song I am playing. I also kept the


How is your recording different compared to the original song? What were your reasons behind your decisions? *
I had a plan to change the timing/tempo to make it slower since I can’t change my fingering position for the different notes very fast. I did find a solution to this but had completed everything else with the slowed down tempo, so I decided to keep it. I don’t think some of the software instruments that I added were part of the original song either (such as the piano and my drum/clapping sequence). I felt like the strumming pattern in the original song was a bit challenging for me to take on since it involved chucking (this is what I heard in the song) so I chose to do the island strum which didn’t change the song a lot (it just made it a bit softer).


Ukulele Skills… *
I am now able to play a new note on the ukulele (Dm) which at first was challenging for me to get my fingers in the right position without slipping and keeping it there for 4 beats. Through this assessment, I have practiced notes that I have already learnt and am now able to strum and switch notes a little faster than before.


Garageband editing – digital instrument, drum use… *
I used a software piano and used the software drums three times in different ways. I had some difficulties playing the software piano notes fast enough since each note used three of my fingers and were a bit far from each other on the keyboard. For the drums, I used the keyboard function and played a beat that I repeated through my recording. For the second drums part, I used a tambourine and set it at the fastest possible speed (I did this for the third drums part as well). In the third drums part (SoCal – Kyle) I experimented with the different parts of the drums set that was given to see what matched well. I then put all of the software instruments together and edited it till the timing was right. I was afraid that the audio would sound nothing like the song, but it sounded better than I expected!


Time management for your project… *
For this project, I feel like I started of a little late with my recording and software editing but I was able to finish my software recording at home as well as record the notes for my ukulele so that I could piece them together and edit them whenever needed. I did forget to record one of the notes, so my plan was to record it at home with my ukulele, but then my recording wasn’t working and I could hear nothing. I feel like towards the end it started going a little down hill since some of the thing weren’t planned very well and was pushed to the last minute.


Independent learning… (responsibility of getting things done on time) *
I first went onto google to find what songs I could play on the alto ukulele we were using at school. There were a lot of song some of them being a little old which I didn’t mind, but I personally felt like playing a song which is like count on me. I then went onto youtube to find a tutorial on the chords and strumming pattern because I like to learn these skills through watching a video because it helps me listen to what my piece should sound like.

Ukulele Song Amazing Grace

Recently in Music, we had an assignment to do with our ukuleles. We were supposed to play anyone of the songs that our teacher provided us with. I played the song “Amazing Grace”. After learning the notes and being able to play it well, we recorded our playing and singing through GarageBand. Here is a reflection we had to do for this assignment and it also informs you about what my recording looks like:


Demonstrate awareness of the art form studied, including the use of appropriate language.


Demonstrate awareness of the relationship between the art form and its context.

In the following questions you must use CORRECT MUSIC TERMINOLOGY.

Make sure you know the specific terms of what you need to talk about.
What is the key of your tune? Time Signature? *
What sort of rhythms are used in your song? *
A step kind of a rhythm where it ascends and descend between a low and high pitch.
Discuss your note accuracy and rhythm accuracy in regards to your strumming and melodic playing… *
I feel like I have played the right notes at the right time and was able to hold most of them for a good length. Yes, there still might be some parts where while I’m strumming I cut the note short or the timing is wonky and I think that is something I can keep in mind during future assessments like such.
What Ukulele skills have you acquired? *
I practiced the skill of strumming individual strings and making sure to hold it and not to rush to the next note.
How did you decide your tempo to match your song and style? Did the context of the song change because of this? *
I experimented with few different tempo speeds to see which one I felt suited the pace I went at and which went good with the mood of the song in my opinion. I had to change it now and then because it seemed too fast in some parts.
How did you use the editing tools in GarageBand? Editing, cutting, flex-time, trimming, plugins… *
I didn’t use many such tools in GarageBand but I did have to move my recordings around a bit and sometimes had to duplicate them/crop the recording for it to fit in right with the rest of my recording.
Discuss your recording process; did you have any concerns or issues? *
I was definitely not sure if I was going to finish it on time because I tend to send things to the last minute and in this case I didn’t use my time very effectively in some parts. I was also very concerned about getting everything in time and perfect in there recording which probably took a little time away from me as well.

My Instrument Choice 2019!


In grade 7 music this year, we have to choose an instrument from choices given by our teacher. I have decided to go with the flute because I like the relaxing yet smooth sound that is produced. I am excited to see how I will progress learning a new kind of instrument. Here is some of my research on the flute:

How to produce a proper sound with the right technique: To be able to produce the proper sound on a flute, you need to have the right embouchure or the right lip positioning. For this, you have to keep your lips in a position like you would when saying “emmmm”. Here we have to remember not to tuck our lips in, keeping them at a rested position. Then, we tighten the corners of our lips a little and blow air out from the middle of our mouth (making sure it doesn’t leak from the corners of our mouth) like your saying the letter P. But remember to keep your lips relaxed and not to make an exaggerated hole when letting the air out. Using your finger as a embochure hole (the part of the flute where you blow to the farther edge making your air split producing the proper sound) blow out gently downwards using the right steps with not too much power. When using your lip plate, you have to make sure to keep it right below your lip, or else the sound won’t come out.

Source(s): Making a sound

Cleaning your flute: To clean your flute, you can use Egyptian cloth, cotton cloth or buy a cleaning cloth meant for cleaning the flute. First, you insert the cloth into the little hole on top of the cleaning rod pulling it just a little. Then, we have to wrap the rest of the cloth loosely around the rod making sure the top is covered so that it doesn’t scratch your flute when cleaning. Now you can clean all three parts of the flute by inserting the rod through the parts gently. Once inserted, you can turn the piece slowly so that all parts of the inner part of the piece are cleaned.

Source: Cleaning after playing

Parts of a flute/Opening the case: When opening your flute case, you have to make sure the handle and buckles are facing you and that the top part is facing upwards. If it’s the other way, the parts of your flute could fall out and possibly break. The top of the flute with the embouchure hole (where you blow into) and the lip plate (where your lower lip rests) is called the head joint. This part has no keys. Then comes the part with most of the keys which is also the biggest piece, the body. Finally, the bottom of the flute is the foot joint. With the flute, you might receive a cleaning rod/a cloth to help you clean your rod.

Source: parts of a flute

Assembly of flute: When assembling your flute, you should make sure that the crown or the closed part of the head joint is facing outwards. Then we have to pick up the body and slowly twist the side with the open hole, where there aren’t any keys, into the open hole of the head joint. We have to do this with a firm yet gentle grip on the body and now the foot joint. For the foot joint, we have to insert the side with the open hole and more keys on it into the body, slowly. We have to make sure that the embouchure hole is lined up with the keys on the body and that the foot joint rod that sticks out is lined up with the middle of the keys on the body, and the middle of the embouchure hole on the head joint.

Sources: Assembling your flute

🖊☄️Exhibition Refection!

Hi There!

It has been a while since I have written on here, but it’s good to be back! In this post, I will be reflecting on my PYP Exhibition, which is a end of year project which we have been working on since the beginning of the year. We all had to analyse our passions and interests along with different issues which we would like to look into or that we are passionate about. After this analysis, I chose to make a documentary about quality education.

After research and preparation, it was time for the real thing. The presentation.

It was difficult a few times when presenting, but felt nice once it was finished. Like said before, I am going to be reflecting today on my learning journey and process. I am going to be writing my reflection here to share with you.

Some things I felt I did well on, was my documentary. I felt like I had a good amount of information and pictures to put through my ideas. I had interviewed a few of my classmates, organisations and more. Of course, I didn’t include all of my findings in my documentary since it would go on for a longer time.

A few big takeaways from exhibition would definitely be to organise yourself properly through the whole process so that you know where you are heading and what to prioritise. I didn’t really follow this at first but then realised it was key to being successful. This also connects to the point of time management. You have to plan the time you have for anything wisely and spread things out reasonably. Those are my important take aways from this project and will definitely help me succeed in the future.

I hope I was able to share with you about my exhibition and also how I felt about the process.

Have a great week and thank you for reading my iFolio!

Math: Rates and Ratios


In 6E, we have been learning about ratios and rates. We have a summative on Monday and I’m a bit nervous! But I know if I study and I understand things right, I will be able to do well. This test will be about what we have learned in the latest math unit – percentages, decimals, fractions, ratios, and rates. Converting, adding, subtracting, and finding the equivalent of the numbers that fall under these topics. At first, I found some of these topic quite challenging, but after some help and studying, I started understanding these topics better, able to find the equivalent for a rate and being able to find the percentage of a certain number.  35% of 380 = 133 or 23 apples: 1 minute = 115 apples: 15 minutes! Math may be a hard subject, but with some help and practice you can do anything!

Learning these topics are really essential to your everyday life, because once you know percentages you will be able to find out what “10% off” for a T – shirt with the original price of $50 would be (by the way, it’s $5). When were finding some percentage of something, it means were multiplying because every time ‘of’ is used in a math statement it means that you have to multiply. And since percentage is basically a decimal (like 10% is 0.1) it is easier for some people to calculate 0.1 times a number like 50. Just a little bit of my new knowledge!

So, wish me luck for this assesment! I hope I get a good score.

Bye for now,


Screen Agers Documentary

A few days ago at school, we watched a documentary called Screen Agers. This documentary was based on how kids (mostly teenagers) can get distracted or badly impacted from too much screen time. The director and researcher of the documentary also included her personal life and how her daughter wanted a phone because she thought it was cool. She interviewed other people about their life with electronics.

The weekly post!

Hey Guys,

This week we learned about Ratios and Rates in math. We had to be at 60% on Khan Academy, and guess what? I reached it!

We had our YesTalent meeting on Tuesday like always. Yes Talent is a group of graduated students from HKU, PolyU and ChineseU, who are interested in fashion. They have visited our school for a four week program. Every Tuesday, my class goes to the brand new Innovation Lab for a session with them. They have given us a fun and creative challenge! Our challenge is to make a dress relating to our unit about change. We are separated into groups. Each group gets a bag full of different materials with the help of lucky draw! The theme that my group has come up with is “Old school to Technology”. We have partly come up with the form of the dress and the colour scheme. We did some work in homeroom: We made an “Inspiration board” for inspiration on our dresses.

In P.E. we played a really fun game. This game was a type of a tag game, but with cards.