Design Logo; Reflection

What does my logo communicate to you?
Why does it communicate this?
How could my logo be improved?
Which part of my logo attracts your attention the most? Why?

9 thoughts on “Design Logo; Reflection

  1. Your logo is also very timeless and simple. This is because snow came before us, and won’t really grow out of date. Your logo is simple enough to be created out of shapes.

  2. To me, it communicates a hotel when you ski on top of the mountains. becuase it says snow stay so you’re in the snow skiing and need a place to stay. You could add a hotel and skiers on the mountain. The hills and the snow.

  3. Your logo communicates that you like snow and the wintertime and are a very cOoL person. It communicates this because of the gradual gradient between the light blue and white + the snow mountains. It could be improved by making the snowflake fatter because it looks really squished. The light coming off of the words is what attracts my eyes to it.

  4. 1) It communicates that this is something related to the cold
    2) it communicates this to me, because of the snowflakes and the colour
    3) maybe you could make the mountains look more realistic.
    4) the colour gradient, because it pops out to me and is the first thing I see

  5. This logo communicates mountains and snow. Because it has a snowflake and mountains and a blue colour. Change the font and make slightly more exciting. The snow flake attracts my attention because it’s detailed and it shows snow. It’s very nice.

  6. 1. It communicates your interest in winter and represents you as a person.
    2. It communicates this because of the light blue background and the snowflake on the right. I think the snowcapped mountains at the top also further reinforce the concept of winter.
    3. You could perhaps use a better font for the “Snow Stay” word. You could also use a creative outline for your main shape.
    4. I think the snowflake attracts my attention the most because the black color stands out against your light blue background.

  7. The mountains of your logo pop out and adds a variety of shapes. Next time you can make it more versatile by changing the color, and maybe adding some too.

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