Ukulele – Your Choice ” Count On Me” Bruno Mars

 How is your recording the same as the original song? Why did you do this? *

My recording is the same as the original song because my recording is in the same key, has the same time signature, and I used the exact same repeats and lyrics for my tracks. My recording also has the same chord notes and I used the same rhythm as well. I did this because I wanted my song to basically sound the same as the original but maybe with smaller adjustments to the details. since the time signature and lyrics and notes were all the same, my song sounded pretty good. I also kept it in the key of C major to make sure it’s simple and keep it in the same key as the original music. My recording also has the same lyrics and repeats as the original song so that my singing sounds the same and my recording has the same beats and my singing is the same. I also kept the 2 bars of intros the same as well as the speed and beats to match my singing (which I kept the pitch the same). I also kept the upbeat the same and where it was placed was also the same.

How is your recording different compared to the original song? What were your reasons behind your decisions? *

Some things that were different was that my strum pattern may not have been the same as the one in the original music because I wanted a different pattern to match my singing and I also thought that the strum pattern in my recording sounded better and matched the theme and sound of the song better. I also changed where my base and piano came in because in the original music I don’t think there were any other instruments but in my recording, on the first beat of every bar, there are the notes of the chord for the base. I also changed my drums to have strong beats and a slight percussion because I wanted it to have an upbeat feeling at the chorus of the song and I wanted it to match the feeling that Bruno Mars sang the song to have.

Ukulele Skills (if you did this yourself)

Although I did not play the actual ukulele for the recording as it would have taken longer, I also practiced the song on my own ukulele while I was learning the song. I believe that I have improved and learned my strumming, chord changing, and note recognization during the process of learning this song. I was not very good at the ukulele before but this unite has helped me improve because I took the initiative to learn the song on my own ukulele as well as create the song on Garageband. My chord changes got faster and more fluent and I learned more chords then I had before. I also was able to recognize positions on the ukulele as chords so I knew what to play. I also really enjoyed learning this song both on Garageband and on my own.

Garageband editing – digital instrument, drum use… *

This is our second project using Garageband and I believe that I have improved a lot compared to the first time I used Garageband. I was able to use shortcut commands and my editing went a lot faster. I also understood the signs in GarageBand such as the bar and add drums and split recording. This helped me to complete the assignment. In this unit, we also used digital instruments and I was able to try out a couple. Before I used Mr. Otooles recorded piano and base notes, I was able to try out the digital piano and guitar and even tried to play some notes myself. This allowed me to understand Garageband better. I also experimented with drums because I tried to find a drum set that fit the song. I then adjusted the sound, percussion, and instruments used for the sound and beat to match it to my liking. This time, I was also able to learn more about GarageBand editing in terms of strum patterns. In the beginning, I tried out different strum patterns for my song such as DDU-UDP or DU-DU-DU. In the end, I settled for a strum pattern I learned in a video that I thought really matched the theme, DD-DUDU. I was also able to learn how to place strum patterns in beat and how much beats are in one set of strums. (In my case there were 4)

Time management for your project… *

Time management was easier this unit because there was not much of a deadline, my I came up with a plan to manage my time. I figured there were many parts to this project. Learning the song, singing, editing on Garageband, and the google forms. I managed my time in a way that I could stay focus and get a lot done at once so that I could Finnish early. First I read over and watched all of Mr. Otooles instructions and videos. Then I downloaded the file and chose my song then put it on GarageBand and sang the lyrics. When I was done, I got feedback from Mr. Otoole and then completed this google forms. I managed my time by using all the time in music class working on music, and then a half-hour of working on it after school. This made it easy to complete the assignment and it was really helpful that I was able to get advice on my work. I also made a plan early and try my best to stick to it. For me, the most important thing in time management is to stay focused.

Independent learning… (responsibility of getting things done on time) *

I always made a plan on how to complete things on time. This time since there was no deadline, I set myself one so that I would not have to worry about not getting enough done to be able to submit it. I then calculated how much time I had and planned to do a little bit each day after music class and make the best of the time I had during classes. Another part of independent learning (for me) is knowing what you have to do and not procrastinating. My strategy is to not work on it for too long but get what you need to get done and what I did is set a timer so there is a sense of urgency that way my work is done efficiently, and so I won’t be working for too long. I also took responsibility by asking Mr. Otoole for help and advice when I needed it. This was useful for me to learn how to ask for help and take responsibility for my own work. In the end, I completed everything before the project was marked so I was not worried about not having enough time.
Overall, I think that this was a successful project, and compared to the last one, my GarageBand skills improved lots, and I was more efficient and understood better. I think that if I keep practicing ukulele and Garageband, I could do even better at these projects. My Garageband edition of count on me by Bruno mars seems quite good to me and I believe that I have done better than before, but there are still improvements to be made.

Ukulele Submission – Step 3 – Finished Song – Oh Susanna!

Criterion A

What is the key of your tune? Time Signature? *
My tune is in the Key of C major and is in 4/4 time.


What sort of rhythms are used in your song? How were they used musically? *
The rhythms that I have used in Oh Susanna in the melody are mainly quarter notes (1 beat) with a mix of half notes (2 beats) as well as some dotted notes (add half of the value of the beat to itself). In the harmony, all my rhythm is half notes, other then the last bar with includes 3 quarter notes and a rest. There is something called a pick-up in my song. This is where a couple notes in the very first bar, come before the first downbeat. A pickup bar (Bar with pickup notes) usually has less notes then the time signature indicates. Oh Susanna also has a rhythm pattern since the verses repeat multiple times. The lyrics are different, but the rhythm stays the same. This song is generally fast and very upbeat. You get a happy and excited feel when listening to this song.


Discuss your note accuracy and rhythm accuracy in regards to inputting the strumming and melodic playing… *
Mr Otoole sent everyone the recorded notes, and we rearranged, cut and pasted them to create all the sections, melody, harmony and chords. For the melody and harmony we would trim the notes and rearrange them in the order of our song. We also had to fit in the beats and time signature to have correct rhythm. In terms of chords, it was a bit different. The skills in Garageband such as cutting, trimming, looping, stretching, and shrinking were all the same, but arranging the recorded chords was different. For me this was the hardest. We had to match the chords to the beats, and choose which beats they would be played on. This varied depending on the strum pattern. Our chords also had to be in the same time signature and had to match the beats played in the melody and harmony.


How did you decide your tempo to match your song and style? Did the context of the song change because of this? *
I chose my tempo by listening to my song multiple times in different versions to see what sounded best, and what gave me the best feeling depending on the tempo. I also did some research online on what other people used as the tempo when they played, and what the original tempo was. Then I tried out different ones on Garageband and chose my favourite, which was a pretty fast tempo, and the original for Oh Susanna. The context of my song did change because I realised that as increased my tempo, the song became more upbeat and more exciting. The fast tempo also fitted the lyrics well and gave a sense of urgent meaning to the song.


What skills did you acquire with your use of Garageband? Trimming, Cutting, pasting, metronome, etc… How did you use these skills throughout the assignment? *
Thanks to this assignment and Mr. Otoole, I acquired so many skills in Garageband. I had never used Garageband before, so this was a completely new experience. I learned how to get Garageband started, and download new sounds. I learned how to edit these sounds by extending them, shortening them, cutting them, trimming them and even looping them. I was able to learn how to read the signs on Garageband such as where to change the key and time signature. i also learned to use the metronome and change it based on the key signature. An important part is that I learned how to add audios and how to use them, such as muting, recording, soloing one audio and putting them together to make a song much like my own. Throughout the assignment, I had to use all these skills. Putting this song together was what taught me to.


Discuss any challenges you had to overcome for this assignment! *
I had a couple challenges for this assignment. First, neither me or my class has had a face to face lesson on how to operate Garageband or how to ply the uke which we did not get to do. Second, I had never used Garagband before. I had played the uke before so if I were to play the uke to my song, it would have been easier then to have to put it together on Garageband. Although, it does eliminate the difficulty of singing and playing at the same time. Third and lastly, I was in a different country, and if i was in HK i could use my uke to complete the assignment but I was not. The time difference was also challengin because I was not able to attend many classes, limiting my understanding of Garageband more. Although I have been doing piano for 6 years so the note reading and music basics were not hard.


Criterion B

Chinese Unit 1 Reflection

Statment of Inquiry:


What I learned: 


Skills I learned:

text types, communication and time management, and community functions.

My smart Goal:

Smart: Read Chinese Books every night
Measurable: At least 20 min a night
Attainable: Read to my brother during his story time so I can maintain
Realistic: Yes it is Realistic
Timely:  Check How well I did at the new year

Unité 1 Parlez- vous français- critères C et D l’oral

Challenges I faced

It was a challenge to communicate effectively with my partner.
Being organized with my time was also hard as it was difficult to work out exactly what to do and when to do it.
Meeting the time limit was also a bit of a challenge because at the beggining it was a bit short, but once we added ALL relative information, we were able to meet the limit.
Time Management

We started out well, completing what we needed to do in class without any leftovers, but at the very end, my partner had to travel so we missed the deadline. Afterward, we had some trouble organizing our time to catch up.


Pronunciation was one of the harder bits of this project and I think that it is something that I should work on. There are some parts about pronouncing french words that were new to me and that I would occasionally forget. Pronunciation is one of my weaker points in learning French so I think that I should practice it more.
Group Work

Work Ethic of Partner

I feel like my partner was working well most of the time, but she got distracted easily so we didn’t get as much done as we could have. I feel like she could have focused more and completed the task at hand with more effort.
Was your Partner Easy to Work with

My partner was very willing and understanding in terms of my ideas and the task at hand, making her easy to work with. We had some problems with cooperating and agreeing on how to do the final product as well as one who did what, which aroused arguments. This made the task slightly more difficult and my partner a bit harder to work with.

What did you Learn About Yourself?

I learned that I can be a controlling person due to the fact that I like to have things done my way because I think that is the best way. I have never been good at working in groups because I don’t like using other people’s ideas and when it comes to school, I prefer to work independently. I want to try and be more open-minded to other people’s ideas and opinions.

How do you Feel About your Results

I don’t feel bad about my results but I don’t really feel good about them either. I feel like I didn’t get a chance to show my best abilities and things would have been different if we had done it a different way. Overall, I’m fine with my results.

Goal for Next Assesment

My goal for the next assessment is to be less controlling and listen to others ideas and opinions. I want to be a good team member and try to cooperate better on my behalf. I also want to plan ahead from day 1 so I know exactly what to do and be prepared for incidents where my partner(s) are not there.

Thank You for reading! Click: My Movie – Small (1) (2) to hear our dialoge!

我们身处什么时空的单元回想 WWPT Unit Reflection


这个单元的中心思想是:经济活动在不断的发展满足人们的需要。围绕着这个中心思想,我们有三个探讨线索。 他们是:(1)各种各样的经济活动, (2)影响经济活动发展的原因,和(3)现在和未来的经济活动。这个单元里的一大部分也是学不同的交流方法。

我们的生活中有很多各种各样的经济活动。超市、饭店、便利店和其它卖东西的地方都是经济活动的一种。大部分的交通工具也是经济活动。 巴士,的士和地铁让人们更方便的去更远的地方。



Hello everyone, today I am going to tell you a little bit about what I have learned in the WWPT unite.

The central idea of this unit is throughout time economic activity has developed to meet people’s needs.

There are three lines of inquiry. They are 1. a variety of economic activities 2. The reasons that affect the development of economic activities, and 3. The current and future economic activities.

We live in a world with many economic activities. Supermarkets, restaurants, convenience stores and other places that sell things are economic activities. Transportation is also a form of economic activity.

In this unit, my communication skills are better but I need to make my Chinese character writing neater and work on the stroke orders.

谢谢 Thank You