Remembrance Day


This morning most lower school students went to the Remembrance day ceremony where you reflect and give gratitude to the soldiers who fought in world  war 1 and world war 2. When the soldiers came back from the war some didn’t return, some of them got really injured. Some families lost one of their loved ones. Now we all wear poppies as they were blooming on the fields of the soldiers. The red symbols of the blood and we wear them near our chest so that symbolises their still in our hearts. Now our world lives in peace with humble people. In the world wars the war ended at 11am in November 11th. Every November 11th we have the ceremony at CDNIS and some other schools do the ceremony and give gratitude to the soldiers who fought in the war. At the ceremony we had the Treble Timber tones singing the Canadian national anthem and the song called Peaceful and the lower school kids reading poems to show their gratitude. We also had 2 6th graders who were the MC’s and guiding us. We all thank the soldiers for protecting our countries.