Learning Buddies Spotlight Reflection

Learning Buddies Spotlight Reflection

Today our grade 1 learning buddies had their spotlight performance in the LLAC. Our learning buddies’ spotlight performance was a little different from our spotlight because our learning buddies did their spotlight with other grade 1 classes mixed up so the three grade 1 classes did their spotlight together.


The thing that I liked about that performance was that all the students spoke in a big loud voice and they didn’t have to use the microphone. I could hear all of them talk really clearly.


The thing that I think they need to improve on is their transitioning because the transitioning was a little slow.


My learning buddy performed well, because he was showing a lot of enthusiasm for the whole time and I really enjoyed watching him perform.
The attitude that the learning buddies displayed was confidence because they were not frightened because it was a big audience they all spoke very clearly. The attribute that the learning buddies displayed was

communicator because they showed all their knowledge to the audience.


The different types of elements of performing arts and visual arts were that they sang, danced, they used puppets and props and paintings.


I really enjoyed the grade 1 spotlight it was really fun to watch our learning buddies perform.


The Chinese New Year Concert

The Chinese New Year Concert

Yesterday all of the grade 3’s ,4’s,5’s and 6’s went to the Chinese New Year Concert. At the Chinese New Year Concert there were lots of performances like dancing, musical performances and singing. There was a really exciting dance performed by some Upper school girls. The Upper school girls were wearing white dresses and doing cool tricks. There was also some grade 4’s 5’s and 6’s dancing wearing blue and pink dresses. That was also really good. One of the performances was a woman doing some kind of dance but the funny thing is that the mask she was wearing changed every 2 minutes it looks like an illusion. All the masks that she was wearing changed into different colours, shapes and patterns.  The best part was every year at the end of the show the 3 principals come out and throw candy at the grade 3’s,4’s,5’s and 6’s. That was my favourite part of the Chinese New Year Concert. Some people in grade 4 performed. It was so fun to watch because after one performance you don’t know what kind of performance will happen next !


Tales Of A Fourth Grade Nothing

Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing

For a while our class read a book called Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing created by Judy Blume. I really like the story because it’s one of the most interesting book I’ve ever read. My most favourite character in the book would be Peter, because I think he’s life is full of ups and downs and usually his brother gets all of the attention. When my mother was younger her little sister ( my aunt ) got all of the attention and my mother got really jealous of her sister. I also like the story because it’s like Peter is writing his diary and telling us. Sometimes I feel really sorry for Peter because he never gets the attention, only Fudge does. If I would write the second book I’d write that Fudge gets a new cat and Peter’s dog (turtle) and Fudge’s new cat would fight. I would also create a new character in the story. If I would create a new character in the story I would create a new baby sister and she would also be really annoying and Peter would have to handle 2 younger siblings. The book is really fun to read. I could read that book over and over again. My favourite part of the story is when Fudge eats the turtle because there’s so much excitement in the hospital. It’s really exciting. I think the moral of the story would be that even though things don’t go your way some day it will. I really enjoyed the book. I should read more books written by Judy Blume.