Learning reflection

Learning reflection

On Wednesday we had the robotics dance challenge that we had to get into groups and create our own dance challenge using the robots. The thing you had to do is create your own program then create a lot of details on the robot for example create a costume and lights and noises. You can choose your own type of music and then make the robots dance to it.


My 2 group members are Alicia and Estelle and we are already finished everything all we have to do is create costume using colored.


We had different jobs. Alicia was in charge for the coding, Estelle was in charge of which angles we had to place our robots because we want our robots to be exactly the same. I was in charge for the music so basically I was the DJ. Every Wednesday Me, Alicia and Estelle work on our robot dance program in the lift area so we have enough space for the robots.


It is almost the end of the year so Mr. Grant said that we will soon do the robotics challenge.

It is a lot of fun.


Treasure Island

Treasure Island

On March 29th, 30th and 31st we have been in Treasure Island for camp. There were lots of activities and we were put in a tent group of 3’s or 4’s. There were also different groups and we had rotations that we had to do.


One of the activity that I enjoyed the most was the raft building because we had to build our own rafts with the materials that we have gotten and use them to build one. The exciting part was when we got to ride on our rafts into the water. I got soaked.


I experienced quite a few things that I’ve never experienced before. I have never experienced building a raft, setting up a tent or spending the night without one of my family members.


The thing that I would remember the most would probably be sleeping in tents because I have never slept in a tent before. The last time I went camping was in my old school but we slept in dorms.

One of the most challenging thing was setting up the tent because I have never set up a tent before but it was pretty fun.


From this camp experience I have learned how to survive outdoors and taking care of yourself and being independent.


This camp experience would be the highlight of grade 4.


Sports Day

Sports Day

On Tuesday, the  grade 3’s & 4’s went to Sandy bay sports ground and had Sports Day there. We were separated in groups. There were 2 rotations, rotation A and rotation B. There were a lot of games. Some of the activities were challenging and some activities were quite easy.


In the beginning of Sports Day the  grade 3’s & 4’s went running all around the track which is 60 meters. We went one house at a time. First Mountain lions went first then Bears, then Orcas and lastly Ravens. Whoever runs the fastest in the house team will get a sticker that has a picture of your house team logo on it.  


One of my favourites were Dr. dodgeball, parachute and the relay running. One of the challenging activities were the 60 meter running and the walkers. But I still enjoyed it.


After a few games we had lunch for about 15-20 minutes. Everyone in the grade was eating lunch except for 4 people in grade 4. They were the fastest runners in the grade 4 house team. They were racing while we were watching them at the same time as when we were eating our lunches.


After lunch time we had a few more activities left to complete. Around 2 hours later we had our final activity which involves house teams competing each other. The game is called Tug o war. The grade 3’s & 4’s will compete separately which means that the grade 3’s will be against the grade 3’s and the grade 4’s against the grade 4’s. Everyone had lots of fun and enjoyed Tug o war a lot. I really like Tug o war too. I enjoyed Sports Day a lot. It was really fun !



For the past few weeks we have been creating commercials to sell the products that we want to sell. We have to create an advertisement and try to make the ad persuasive and try to influence people to buy our product. We had to get into groups Me, Alicia and Estelle made an advertisement about eco dog toys.The video tells people to buy our eco friendly dog toy. And it makes dogs happy. But before you get to the filming stage to have to go through a process and once you finished that process you can start to film.


First you and your group have to plan what you are  going to sell and why. The next stage is to create a storyboard so when you start to film you know what the story is about and you know what you are doing. Then you have to create a script so you know what you’re going to say because if you improvise you can mess up the whole video. Then you have to rehearse because you need a lot of practise. Then you film and when you are done you have to edit it the ad to have special effects to make it look and sound real.


We did this activity because ad’s have a lot of ways to influence people’s thoughts and make them want to buy their product. And all week we have been learning about how ads make people want to buy their product.


I chose this topic to blog about because I enjoyed this activity and been wanting to do this for a very long time.


Now I know different types of angles to shoot videos. 2 weeks ago ms. Fung taught us that there are different types of angles to shoot a video. Before she taught me I didn’t know how to shoot a video but know I do. I had so much fun creating an advertisement with my group. All that my group has to do is edit our advertisement on iMovie to create some special. I had so much fun

Eco Packaging

Eco packaging

For the past 4 weeks in visual arts we’ve been trying to create a eco friendly package to put eco friendly objects. Eco friendly is when you can reuse the object over and over again. I was in a group of three and we were going to make eco friendly dog items. We had to first choose what kind of product you want to make, then we have to choose what kind of shape you want for your package. Then you have to print the box’s shape then fold it to create the box. After that you can decorate the box of your very own. I chose a dog toy because it can be made of cotton which is made of trees and plants. So it can be a eco friendly product.  It was really fun creating it.


Comparing Advertisements

Comparing Advertisements

Last week we were learning about how to compare advertisements. We were in a group and each group got a piece of paper and 2 advertisement pictures. We had to write down what makes the 2 pictures persuasive. Our group had 2 adidas advertisement photos. One with Messi and one with the shoes. The Messi advertisement uses a famous soccer player playing football. The advertisement used puffery.Also the Messi poster had a slogan “play the Messi way.” Most people really get persuaded by that advertisement because a lot of people like Messi. I think that the Messi poster was more effective than the plain adidas ad because Messi was wearing the whole set of adidas clothes, pants and shoes. The adidas one wasn’t really effective because it just showed plain shoes. The background in the Messi advertisement really matches with his outfit. I think that people would want to wear those shoes and outfit because Messi was wearing it. The colour really matches with the mist in the background. I really liked creating a poster about comparing advertisements. It was really fun.

The 4B Amazing Musical race

The 4B Amazing Musical Race

On January 11th we had our spotlight, and the theme was the amazing race which is a TV show which multiple groups of people who have to run and find several yellow envelopes and the teams open the envelope and they have to do what the envelope says. The teams that do the task incorrectly will be eliminated. What went well for our spotlight was that people remembered their lines and didn’t mess up. I also think that our volume level was pretty good. I think we have to improve  on knowing where we were going if it was the right backstage or the left backstage. Also we have to transition a tiny bit faster. I enjoyed having an opportunity to be on stage twice in grade 4. We worked really hard for a few months and we put tons of effort into our spotlight. All of us were really excited for our spotlight. I really enjoyed our spotlight and in general I think we were really good.



On November 29th  we were still inquiring into buoyancy so we got into groups and created a sailboat using cardboard, a plastic bag and a piece of paper. The challenge was you had to create a boat that can carry one marble across the water.

The next day we went to the Green Roof on the 10th floor and we placed our sailboats on a little basin that was a really small amount of water. We tried to place our sailboats on the basin and Mr. Wahid used to pieces of cardboard to create wind for the sailboats to move. Luckily all of the sailboats floated and were able to carry one marble across the basin. Ours didn’t really go that fast, but at least it was able to carry one marble across.

I think my group worked really well and we didn’t really argue when we started making the sailboat. I think we did a pretty good job working well together! I found making the sailboat was a tiny bit challenging because you could only use the materials given to you . I would improve on my design by maybe making the one more sail so it could move across easily. I enjoyed creating the sailboat with my group members and seeing if the boats that people in our class made a sailboat that can be able to carry a marble across the basin, it was really exciting. I enjoyed it so much!

Exploring With Our Buddies

Exploring with our buddies

Last week we’ve been taking our learning buddies to parts of the school that they’ve never been to. We had to get into a group of four so we don’t get lost. Their job was bringing their I pad along the journey and take 4 pictures of the places they’ve gone. My buddy took a picture of our classroom door and the pictures next to the elevator. He also took  a photo of another classes door. Our buddies were so excited for us to take them around the school because they never been some places before. Our class was pretty excited to take our buddies parts around the school. After we took our buddies to the 14th floor we had to read them a book. It was really fun !

Planning For The 4B Assembly

Planning for the 4B assembly

This week our class were planning for the 4B assembly so we got into our groups related to our central idea which is people learn thing in various ways.That’s how we got into we learned multiple intelligences like mathematical logical,intrapersonal,interpersonal and more…..

We had to create scripts in our groups and practise several times.

After that we had a run through together then had a dress rehearsal.

In the assembly we have two mc’s.They are like the leaders of the whole assembly.We also had to memorise our lines for each skit. Some people can’t memorise their script because they may have not practise at home or they have too many lines for them to memorise for example the mc’s.But my group can memorise our lines because our skit is pretty easy to plan. There are also people playing music in the assembly and I am one of them. Our assembly is approximately at least 20-25 minutes.We worked really hard on planning our assembly.I enjoyed doing it.