Robotics Session

   Robotics session

For the past few weeks we’ve  been doing a robotics session so we had  Dr.Turner each week. We had to connect the m-Bot to the computer to communicate with it.

What went well was we improved and had progress during the past few weeks and we also  have more creative ideas to make our m-Bots dance and place a drawing on it.

We really had creative ideas to make our m-Bots have lights,sing, move forward,move backward,beep and dance. What we have to work on is we should only open the box when the teacher tells us to. We really have to work on our listening skills.

I felt really proud of myself that we created improvement and progress during the week.I also really enjoyed programming my m-Bot to dance and sing. I learned that you have to listen to the instructions carefully because you could easily mess up. I really enjoyed the robotics session with Dr.Turner.