Make Create Collaborate

Make Create Collaborate

On May 11th our class went to the LLAC lobby to go see the make create collaborate exhibition. There were all kinds of activities to do for example sewing, knitting, green screen, music making and singing. We stayed there for one whole hour and we could choose any activity we wanted to go to. I went to the green screen, the music making and the singing. I really wanted to do knitting but I had no time for it.


Also the grade 6’s went to it and some receptions and prep kids went to the make create collaborate too. I think the purpose of this activity is to encourage people to express their feelings through art, music and other things. I saw everyone was enjoying their time in the LLAC lobby. The most popular activity was the Knitting activity and everyone wants the string and yarn to knit by themselves.


It was really fun and I wish we could go to the Make Create Collaborate again.

Visual arts

Visual arts

Yesterday on April 20th, we had visual arts with Ms. Lam.

Every week, when we go to visual arts we always inquire into different types of artists lives and their paintings. This time we were inquiring into an artist named Matisse. Matisse is born in southern France and had a passion in art and painting. When he was an adult he tried to paint and his paintings had always have vibrant colors and happy thoughts. A few years later sadly Matisse caught a disease and unfortunately he had to sit on a wheelchair but he would not give up so he started to get his scissors and start to make collages. Years later he became really famous and a lot of people admire his collages. We made our own collage and we had lots of options.


I learned that an artist never gives up until he comes to an end. I understand his feelings and understand his paintings and collages.


This learning engagement was really interesting and i really enjoyed making a collage of nature.

IB Art Exhibition

IB Art Exhibition

Yesterday our class went to the IB Art Exhibition in the LLAC lobby. There were paintings and artworks made by the grade 9’s and 10’s. Mr.Grant gave us a worksheet that we had to fill it in by choosing one artwork out of all of them. I chose a picture with 2 eggs on a boat with a sun made out of an egg.


I chose the picture of the 2 eggs  because it reminds me of the ocean and when I was around 7 years old I drew a picture of 2 people in the sunset. It reminds me of that memory.


When Mr.Grant gave us the worksheet so we could fill it in the questions were: 1. What do you see 2. What do you think 3. Do you have a connection ?


Learned more about how people express their artwork by painting and drawing. It was really fun.


Eco Packaging

Eco packaging

For the past 4 weeks in visual arts we’ve been trying to create a eco friendly package to put eco friendly objects. Eco friendly is when you can reuse the object over and over again. I was in a group of three and we were going to make eco friendly dog items. We had to first choose what kind of product you want to make, then we have to choose what kind of shape you want for your package. Then you have to print the box’s shape then fold it to create the box. After that you can decorate the box of your very own. I chose a dog toy because it can be made of cotton which is made of trees and plants. So it can be a eco friendly product.  It was really fun creating it.