Weekly Reflection 4

Hello again, another week of grade 6 !

This week did a lot of things. It was really exciting.

The First thing we did was we made almond brittle in the hive for our unit which was really exciting and it was basically caramel on roasted almonds. It was really cool. The brittle tasted like caramel and almond mixed together and it tasted really good and sweet. I enjoyed it. We also added tons of sugar in it.

We also did our own it and the math we did was how to do the divisible by different numbers for example what are the numbers divisible by 2.

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Weekly reflection

Weekly reflection

This week was the first week of Grade 6. It was really fun. We did a lot of fun activities in my class to get to know each other better. The whole week we went into groups and think about how we can improve on our classroom. We also did locker names to put on our lockers and organise our things in the classroom. Now we also have a class name.


The best thing about this week was that we could get to know each other and doing a fun math activity called the murder activity. You have 4 riddles and there are more than 20 suspects and people were judjing them for multiple murders and there were 4 clues on 4 pieces of paper and they were all riddles to solve. The reason I enjoyed this the most is because the riddles were really diffucult to solve and it’s really challenging it makes it fun.


The challenges of this first week was thinking about organising the classroom since we had to get into groups of 5 and we each had a big sheet of paper and we had to draw on it with a drawing of what the classroom would look like. I liked the fact that we were picked in random groups so we can work together and work with the people you don’t know.


I’m excited about next week and I hope I can also try new things and make new friends.




在美国,有一个女孩叫小花。 她没有家因为她没有妈妈和爸爸。 所以她有很少的钱。

一天小花没有食物所以她的旁边有一个中国餐厅,小花问服务员说“ 我可以吃很少的食物吗?”。 服务圆说“不可以!” 小花去一个公园。 她很害怕, 因为她有很多需要是小花没有一个家也没有钱。

五十分中以后, 小花去警察局问警察“我额米有家, 所以我不安全。 我也没有食物和。 ” 警察说“我不要帮助俄你。” 小花很伤心。

对 面警察局是小花的朋友的家。朋友看件小花很开心。 现在小花有一个家也有食物和家。

Taking apart electrical toys

Today for our new unit we are taking apart our electrical toys to make a new one. The whole class took apart all their toys and we made a piece of paper with a parts, purpose and complexities organisation with it. So when we took apart our toys we wrote what the parts, and what’s the purpose and the complexities in it. We had to unscrew and break the parts of toys then we took a photo of them and make them look really creative. We tried to create our own way of organising the parts and we stuck them to our process journal. We used all sorts of tools like screw drivers and hammers and other things. Some of our toys are big and some of our toys are small. And some of us are in pairs so we could construct a lot of toys together. We are having so much fun.

Fashion Show

Fashion Show
On March 6 th the whole grade went to the LLAC for a special event which is The 5th grade fashion show where 5 groups in each class picks I person to be a model for the fashion show to wear the costume that the group made. The fashion show was really exciting because the whole grade 5 can see all of the creations of clothes which were all very creative. It was like a real fashion show. The music was loud and it was really lively. Everyone was so excited and a lot of people were screaming and shouting and everyone was so enthusiastic it was so much fun. The designing clothes was really a lot of fun and everyone was so creative. A lot of parents came to watch the show and there was so much lights and music. I had fun.


Today Mr Roberts were teaching the class about patterns and what type of patterns there are. So we learnt that these patterns are the basic part of algebra. We did a activity by using the math materials and making them into different types of patterns and taking a photo on photo booth from our laptops then dropping the pictures in the 5E Eggheads Patterns folder on google drive. We learnt that there are so many various ways to create a pattern. We used different types of shapes for a reference. Like for example if I use it as a alphabetical form the most basic form to create a pattern would be ABABAB. I made a pattern out of cards which was 10 queen 10 queen. We learnt so much about patterns. It was so easy.

Amnesty Reflection

Amnesty Reflection
This week Grade 5 went to the 10th floor library pit and had a guest speaker and the guest speaker came from the charity named Amnesty. The organisation helps humans through issues they have experienced.

A lot of people have been through bad experienced through presidents, Migrations and Refugees and Amnesty helps a lot of people in need.

Amnesty helps people through people who are imprisoned with a reason is not really acceptable. A lot of people are suffering about these type of issues. Amnesty wants to build world peace within all around the world to make 1 country at a time and then the whole world.

The whole grade had to take jot notes in our process journals and show empathy to all those issues.

Everyone was so interested.

Math Test Reflection

Math Test Reflection
2 weeks ago our class took a decimal math test to see how well we are doing in our decimals. The test gave us a few questions for estimating decimals, adding decimals and subtracting decimals. Mr Roberts gave us the math test because every unit of math we have a test to show how well we have done.

I found the Math test okay. I think I have to work on double checking to check if I have any mistakes or I read the questions properly.

I enjoyed trying to review decimals because reviewing is really fun for me. I enjoy it a lot.

Next time I will try to improve on double checking my work and work on decimals.




Pok Fu Lam Village Reflection

Pok Fu lam Village reflection
On Tuesday, Grade 5E and 5D went to Pok Fu Lam village to observe the village’s life and the people, how they live, and what the people in Pok fu lam village don’t have and what we have. We want to know how they live so we can understand their feelings. We went to groups of 5’s with mothers that volunteer to take supervision and keep them safe.

My group saw a lot of animals like stray dogs, cats and birds. Mr. Roberts gave each and everyone of us a see think wonder template for us to fill it in so we can have jot notes for evidence. All of the groups could go anywhere they wanted and take notes. But on the template they have a list of places in Pok fu lam village that we should see and when we’ve seen one of the listed locations we could tick or cross it down, to show that the group has gone there.

It was really exciting to have an experience to see the life in Pok fu lam village. The difficult and challenging in pok fu lam village was that there was a lot of stairs and on Tuesday was a really hot day. The exciting thing about it was to see a different environment.
It was really exciting.