Weekly Reflection 2

Weekly Reflection 2

This week was the 2nd week of 6th grade. It was really interesting. First on Monday, 6D were working on our math groups to learn aboout new ways to use patterns and math in our daily life. We had to do a mind map about it. Also, we had to do a lot of patterns of numbers and make our own.

Then we had library, we got to borrow books again. We had a great time with Ms. Williams. After that we had the classroom design challenge, we had to get into 5 groups in total and draw the group’s perspective of what they want the classroom to look like if they wanted the classroom to have only one carpet or something like that.

Then we had our student led where we could work on a worksheet on something individualy.


Then on Tuesday we had more interesting things to do. We read a book called Shi-Shi-Etko which was about a girl names Shi-Shi-Etko who had to go to a school where she has to learn about that country’s culture only so it’s like a boarding school and if she doesns’t go there the government will throw her parents in jail. So Shi-Shi-Etko had a memory bag to put everything that she thinks is most special about her culture and she would count how many nights till she has to go back to school.

Then we had the student led and we finished everything we had to do on that day.


On Wendnesday, we had performing arts and Ms. Butler tought the class how to play the ukelele. It was really fun because I’ve never played the ukelele before. Then we were learning about our central idea about Who we are, so the class each made a mind map about the central idea.


Then on Thursday, the class did an activity called ‘Own it’ which was a thing we had to do on our own. Mr. Brodie gave us a time table to put the time and which activity we wanted to do. We could do math our passion and skills worsheet and a few more.

Then we had Visual arts and we were drawing our names for our notebook cover. The writing looked a bit like computer writing. We got a big sheet of paper then we would use a ruler, a pencil and a popsicle stick. It was really cool.

On Friday we did an Exploration time when Mr. Brodie would give pictures of things that we could guess and recive clues so we could understand more about our central idea. Then we did our Weekly reflection. This week was really fun.