Learning Buddies Spotlight Reflection

Learning Buddies Spotlight Reflection

Today our grade 1 learning buddies had their spotlight performance in the LLAC. Our learning buddies’ spotlight performance was a little different from our spotlight because our learning buddies did their spotlight with other grade 1 classes mixed up so the three grade 1 classes did their spotlight together.


The thing that I liked about that performance was that all the students spoke in a big loud voice and they didn’t have to use the microphone. I could hear all of them talk really clearly.


The thing that I think they need to improve on is their transitioning because the transitioning was a little slow.


My learning buddy performed well, because he was showing a lot of enthusiasm for the whole time and I really enjoyed watching him perform.
The attitude that the learning buddies displayed was confidence because they were not frightened because it was a big audience they all spoke very clearly. The attribute that the learning buddies displayed was

communicator because they showed all their knowledge to the audience.


The different types of elements of performing arts and visual arts were that they sang, danced, they used puppets and props and paintings.


I really enjoyed the grade 1 spotlight it was really fun to watch our learning buddies perform.


The 4B Amazing Musical race

The 4B Amazing Musical Race

On January 11th we had our spotlight, and the theme was the amazing race which is a TV show which multiple groups of people who have to run and find several yellow envelopes and the teams open the envelope and they have to do what the envelope says. The teams that do the task incorrectly will be eliminated. What went well for our spotlight was that people remembered their lines and didn’t mess up. I also think that our volume level was pretty good. I think we have to improve  on knowing where we were going if it was the right backstage or the left backstage. Also we have to transition a tiny bit faster. I enjoyed having an opportunity to be on stage twice in grade 4. We worked really hard for a few months and we put tons of effort into our spotlight. All of us were really excited for our spotlight. I really enjoyed our spotlight and in general I think we were really good.