Creating Patterns

Today for Math we learnt different types of patterns and we had to use geometric squares to make different patterns. There are so many different types of patterns and my group made a growing pattern and the colours were Red, Green , Yellow and blue. It grows. There are so many different types of patterns like a growing pattern, Repeating pattern, growing pattern, and so many you can think of. You can make patterns out of Numbers, Paper , you can make almost anything out of patterns. It was so much fun.

Coding ( Scratch )

Coding ( Scratch )

For the past 2 Tuesdays we Ms. Fung came in our classroom and taught us about how to do coding using a program called Scratch. Scratch is a program that you can use for coding or other things. We created our own Tessellation using controls and commands on Scratch. There is a icon which is a cat and when you create a tessellation and press a green flag that makes the cat icon move the cat moves and it makes the tessellation that you created using the controls.


Ms. Fung posted 2 videos about how to create a tessellation. One of them was a square tessellation and the other one was a triangle tessellation. We get to choose what types of shapes and sizes we want for the tessellation. In order to make a tessellation you have to create and decide what the angle would be and also how many steps the cat icon will take and lastly how big or small the size would be.
I could create a tessellation 2 times and both of them turned out the way I wanted. Scratch drew both the tessellation perfectly. The most challenging part of this challenge was coding and creating the whole thing because we had to think a lot. I have learned how to code now.


I think coding is really fun and I am excited to do it again.  

Design project

Design project

This week we’ve been trying to follow the process to create a house using Minecraft of the computer. First we have to create a rough draft on your math notebook  of what your house will  look like. Then you have to get 4 pieces of papers and glue them together. After we have the blueprint paper we have to do a clean diagram of the rough draft that you did on your math notebook. Then you go on your computer and follow the steps that you created on your blueprint. But the length has to be 50 by 50 meters. Most of us created a house but some people created something else and if you have a little time to spear, you can create another layer on top of your building or house ! If we don’t go through the process than we can’t go to the stage of creating the house of building in Minecraft. A lot of people want to go on the Minecraft stage so they rush through the rough drafting and blueprint stage but if you rush through all of the stages it’s going to be really challenging for you to create the building on Mine craft. Right now I’m in the rough drafting stage because I still need to create some quick changes. But I’m still having a lot of fun ! I enjoy it a lot ! 

Reflection Blog Post

Reflection blog post

The most important thing that I think that is the most important was when we started to learn about angles. Mr.Grant taught us the 3 basic angles. The acute angle, obtuse angle and the right angle. The acute angle is an angle less than 90 degrees. The obtuse angle is greater than 90 degrees but less than 180 degrees. The right angle is always 90 degrees. We learned these angles because when we transfer to grade 5 the geometry will get harder. We also learned about parallel lines and perpendicular lines. A parallel line is when there are 2 lines and they will never meet you can go on forever but but they will never meet. A perpendicular line is when there are 2 lines and they form a right angle (90 degrees). I chose this topic because I was really interested when I first heard about it. My favourite subject in math is geometry. Angles, lines and shapes really help me learn more about geometry because when we move into grade 5 the geometry increasingly gets harder and harder. The basic 3 lines were really exciting to learn. Now I know much more about geometry.

Strategies For Addition

Strategies For Addition

The most interesting strategy to use for my equation I created is chunking the numbers. When you chunk the numbers you first have to chunk the hundreds place together then the tens place together and last, the ones place together. My equation was 123+245. The reason I think chunking is really interesting is that I rarely use chunking instead I use the standard way. Some of the time it’s really hard to chunk numbers for example 178+999 because some of the numbers in this equation is bigger than 9. I also really like the fact that it’s faster than other strategies. This is the second most easiest strategy that I know. I really like this strategy.

My Graph


From October 2-4 we started inquiring about graphs so we created our own survey with a questions for example “What is your favourite sport ?” After we took every ones survey we had to create our own graph on our math books and add colours to it. Then we created another bar graph on the computers. After we created our bar graph on our computers we did another graph but it was a pie chart. We went on a website that you could create any kind of graphs like bar graphs,pie chart,line graph etc.My question was “What is your favourite ice-cream ?” .Sometimes it was really challenging because when we were taking the surveys some people got confused and had to memorise who that person did or didn’t ask. But we mostly did really well. I really enjoyed it.

Robotics Session

   Robotics session

For the past few weeks we’ve  been doing a robotics session so we had  Dr.Turner each week. We had to connect the m-Bot to the computer to communicate with it.

What went well was we improved and had progress during the past few weeks and we also  have more creative ideas to make our m-Bots dance and place a drawing on it.

We really had creative ideas to make our m-Bots have lights,sing, move forward,move backward,beep and dance. What we have to work on is we should only open the box when the teacher tells us to. We really have to work on our listening skills.

I felt really proud of myself that we created improvement and progress during the week.I also really enjoyed programming my m-Bot to dance and sing. I learned that you have to listen to the instructions carefully because you could easily mess up. I really enjoyed the robotics session with Dr.Turner.