Planning For The 4B Assembly

Planning for the 4B assembly

This week our class were planning for the 4B assembly so we got into our groups related to our central idea which is people learn thing in various ways.That’s how we got into we learned multiple intelligences like mathematical logical,intrapersonal,interpersonal and more…..

We had to create scripts in our groups and practise several times.

After that we had a run through together then had a dress rehearsal.

In the assembly we have two mc’s.They are like the leaders of the whole assembly.We also had to memorise our lines for each skit. Some people can’t memorise their script because they may have not practise at home or they have too many lines for them to memorise for example the mc’s.But my group can memorise our lines because our skit is pretty easy to plan. There are also people playing music in the assembly and I am one of them. Our assembly is approximately at least 20-25 minutes.We worked really hard on planning our assembly.I enjoyed doing it.

Learning Buddies and Robotics

Learning Buddies and Robotics.

This week we had reading buddies. We read them books and they read  to us. Then we took them to the 9th floor playground.We enjoyed playing with our buddies and they enjoyed playing with us. Last week we also did have reading buddies. They had some interview questions for us and we had to answer them.We had so much fun!!!!!


During this week we also had a robotics session. We used our computers to program our m-Bot. We made our m-Bots beep using the m-Bot app on our computers.There were tons of m-Bots in our class.Dr.Turner helped us to program our m-Bots. It was really fun.

Me As A Learner

                                                                                  Me As A Learner

Hi my name is Veronica and I am in class 4B this year. I am posting this blog to tell you guys about my learning. My favourite subject is writing so I’m going to post a lot of things related to writing. I can write different types of writing.For example I can write persuasive writing,creative writing,a recount etc.I am confident at math because I memorise all the things I have to memorise. I can do addition, subtraction, multiplication,division etc.When I am stuck at math for example if I have trouble at 40 divided by 8 I just memorise the times table and I find out what the answer is.For writing when I can’t spell a word I divide the word and spell it out. I have expectations for myself. I try to focus as much as I can in class and concentrate only what the teacher tells me to do. I love digital literacy and I am looking forward to learn about digital literacy in grade 4. My goals for grade 4 is I need to improve my communication skills and spelling and vocabulary. My hobbies are playing the violin and playing piano. One of my passions is music because I play a lot of instruments.Sometimes I struggle in violin because some songs are a bit more challenging than others. I hope you enjoy reading my blog.