People should stop being racist

People Should Stop Being Racist

In my opinion, people should stop being racist because it involves making fun of other people’s appearance and skin colors.


First of all, racism could be an insult to the people who are getting teased. It could hurt the other person’s feelings. If you make fun of people with different types of skin colors you can make them feel insulted.


Secondly, if you insult people you can make them feel stressed. It can cause problems at home, and it can cause big problems with your family members and friends. You can make them feel not needed.


Sometimes, when you are being racist it’s not fair. Some schools don’t let other skin colored people to go to the same schools. So different skinned people are separated.


In conclusion, people should stop being racist because it involves a lot of stress and it’s not fair for others.




This week we were researching about buoyancy on Brainpop and we watched a video and we created a mind map about it. The video said water and other liquids are a fluid. We use fluids all the time so we don’t know how strange they are. If we push solids it bounces back at you but if you push through a liquid, it doesn’t push back at you. Archimedes’ theory of buoyancy is that the buoyant force is equal to weight of water an object displaces. Whether that the force is strong enough to make something float depends on the objects destiny.The negative buoyancy that it weights more than the volume of water it displaces. But the positive buoyancy is an equal volume of displaced water is more than enough to support it. That’s the positive buoyancy. Objects with neutral buoyancy weight about the same as the displaced water. Negative buoyancy is when the object weighs more than the volume of water it displaces. That’s negative buoyancy. For me buoyancy is so interesting !

Exploring With Our Buddies

Exploring with our buddies

Last week we’ve been taking our learning buddies to parts of the school that they’ve never been to. We had to get into a group of four so we don’t get lost. Their job was bringing their I pad along the journey and take 4 pictures of the places they’ve gone. My buddy took a picture of our classroom door and the pictures next to the elevator. He also took  a photo of another classes door. Our buddies were so excited for us to take them around the school because they never been some places before. Our class was pretty excited to take our buddies parts around the school. After we took our buddies to the 14th floor we had to read them a book. It was really fun !

Tales Of A Fourth Grade Nothing

Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing

For a while our class read a book called Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing created by Judy Blume. I really like the story because it’s one of the most interesting book I’ve ever read. My most favourite character in the book would be Peter, because I think he’s life is full of ups and downs and usually his brother gets all of the attention. When my mother was younger her little sister ( my aunt ) got all of the attention and my mother got really jealous of her sister. I also like the story because it’s like Peter is writing his diary and telling us. Sometimes I feel really sorry for Peter because he never gets the attention, only Fudge does. If I would write the second book I’d write that Fudge gets a new cat and Peter’s dog (turtle) and Fudge’s new cat would fight. I would also create a new character in the story. If I would create a new character in the story I would create a new baby sister and she would also be really annoying and Peter would have to handle 2 younger siblings. The book is really fun to read. I could read that book over and over again. My favourite part of the story is when Fudge eats the turtle because there’s so much excitement in the hospital. It’s really exciting. I think the moral of the story would be that even though things don’t go your way some day it will. I really enjoyed the book. I should read more books written by Judy Blume.

Learning buddies


Last Friday we went down to the 10th floor to see our buddies. Our buddies were really happy to see us and we were really happy to see us too. The first thing we did was reading books with them, they read to us. My buddy read me a knock knock joke book. After that we went to the 9th floor playground , we had a lot of fun there. Me and my buddy were running around together. It was really fun ! We played for around 10 minutes.

My friends buddy and my buddy played together to. We also went on the swing,rock climbing and we went on the slide.

I wish we could do  that again.

Impact of the Ipod


One of the most interesting seminar that I have been to is the impact of the Ipod presented by ms.Williams. She talked about how the process of the Ipod and how it changed. The first gadget was recording tape. It was used centuries ago and maybe it stills exists today. Then the next gadget was cd’s. Everyone stills use our cd’s even now. The next gadget was a small Ipod that people don’t really use now but stills exists. The final one was the real Ipod touch,nano and a lot of others.

It changed the world by people could make more useful electronics. The makers first made the recording tape to the Ipod. Now people like to use the latest and rarely use the old ones. I really enjoyed the seminar because I learned so much about it.

Seminars-Girl Power

Seminars-Girl power

The second most interesting seminar was girl power presented by ms.lin. She talked about how the girls in poor countries could not go to school. Instead they had to work at home and have rarely any education or even no education at all. There once a little girl named Suma and her parents sent her away when she was 6 to work in a house with a master that forced her to work all day.

The master had 2 daughters that could go to school because they were a really rich family that lived. While Suma was working the 2 girls made fun of Suma that she had ugly ragged clothes while they were playing. When Suma was 7 she left to the second master’s house there she was suffering for many years then she went to the last master’s house when she was 11 and there was a bit of  hope. In the master’s house there was a teacher that came to the house and started  teaching kids. Suma was really happy. One day the teacher said to the master that Suma had to leave and had no right to work all day. But the master said no. Still the teacher would not give up instead she kept trying and finally the master said yes. Now Suma is free. So when she sees some girls working she trying to tell them and wish that all of them would be free. Now I understand how we are so lucky that I could go to school. I also really enjoyed the seminar.

Greek Gods

Seminars- Greek Gods

The most interesting seminars that I have been to was the greek gods presented by the 10th grades students. They talked about who the gods were and what their powers were. The most powerful god was Zeus the god of  lightning, thunder and the  people he lives on mount olympus with the other gods. He basically is the king of all the gods. His father( Cronus ) swallowed all of Zeus’ brothers and sisters. Zeus was able to survive and saved his brothers and sisters. The next god is Poseidon is the god of the earth and the sea. If people disrespect him or make fun of him he gets angry and makes an earthquake and kills a lot of people.Then there’s Demeter she is the goddess of the harvest. She helps people have harvest for their family. Demeter grows the wheat and the people just take it. When she gets angry like when Hades kidnapped Persephone ( Demeter’s daughter) and Demeter made the harvest grow until Persephone came back from the underworld. Athena the goddess of wisdom has the power of wisdom and has a great intelligent mind and has ways to protect herself.  All of the gods and goddess’ are really powerful . Once they get really angry they use their power to express their anger.  I really enjoyed the seminar and now I have more knowledge about the Greek Gods and Greek culture.

My Graph


From October 2-4 we started inquiring about graphs so we created our own survey with a questions for example “What is your favourite sport ?” After we took every ones survey we had to create our own graph on our math books and add colours to it. Then we created another bar graph on the computers. After we created our bar graph on our computers we did another graph but it was a pie chart. We went on a website that you could create any kind of graphs like bar graphs,pie chart,line graph etc.My question was “What is your favourite ice-cream ?” .Sometimes it was really challenging because when we were taking the surveys some people got confused and had to memorise who that person did or didn’t ask. But we mostly did really well. I really enjoyed it.

Robotics Session

   Robotics session

For the past few weeks we’ve  been doing a robotics session so we had  Dr.Turner each week. We had to connect the m-Bot to the computer to communicate with it.

What went well was we improved and had progress during the past few weeks and we also  have more creative ideas to make our m-Bots dance and place a drawing on it.

We really had creative ideas to make our m-Bots have lights,sing, move forward,move backward,beep and dance. What we have to work on is we should only open the box when the teacher tells us to. We really have to work on our listening skills.

I felt really proud of myself that we created improvement and progress during the week.I also really enjoyed programming my m-Bot to dance and sing. I learned that you have to listen to the instructions carefully because you could easily mess up. I really enjoyed the robotics session with Dr.Turner.