My design logo reflection

Veronica’s Logo

This logo represents me in a lot of ways. The main highlight of the logo is that it has my name on the logo and the colours and the kind of the objects representing me in a type of way.

The background colour represents me because the colour is a mixture of light blue and light green, colour psychology says that blue represents trust, loyalty and reliableness, and the colour green represents growth, dependability and lastly relaxation. I feel like these traits kind of represent me in a type of way.

The “O” in my logo represents me in a way because it kind of has a 2 side to the person since half of the colour is yellow and half of the colour is blue. The colour yellow represents happiness, caution and cheerfulness, which can kind of represent me in a type of way. And also blue can represent me because the colour blue can mean, calmness and wisdom which can represent me half of me sometimes. Thank you.

These are some questions you can answer:

(1) Do you think this logo represents me and what do you think about it?

(2) How do you think my logo represents the design principle?

(3) Is there anything I need to change about my logo?


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