Weekly Reflection 10

Hey guys, we had a fun week at school !

We have been starting to learn more about graphs and interpreting them. The class created a survey on a google form about any topic. Also we’ve been having small activities to learn graphs and data more. I think I’ve done a good job but I need to improve on my time management more during this time.

Our class has also started our new unit related to energy and we are going to pick a question related to it thenĀ  make a explanation writing. I have started my research and I’m getting a lot of new information about things I didn’t know about energy. I still have to work on researching a bit faster cause I have been taking too long.

We also have been every week sharing our home learning to see how everyone has been doing with home learning. I have been doing my home learning really well . But I think I need to take more time and put more effort in it.

Bye readers !


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