Weekly Reflection 9

Hi readers, This week was really fun.

We started a project about data management and we had to use all our graphs knowledge and make a product and make it into a presentation. I think I did worked on it well and I created the product on time but I think I need to improve on putting more information in the presentation.

We also have researched on exhibition. Everyone in the class worked really hard and I think that we have learned a lot more about our exhibition than before. We had to also follow a checklist for exhibition and it had a lot of things to do. So we were really busy. I think I have to work on my time management skills and be more thoughtful for the time and right down more information in researching because we don’t have a lot of time left.

We did learning cohorts where we went to different classes and started to form groups that are most related to each other and do more research. I think I should improve on my researching skills and I have to find a expert to email and interview them.



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