Probability Reflection

Probability Reflection

Recently, our class has been learning about probability in math class. Everyone had to do an activity where you learn more about theoretical and experimental probability. It’s when there are 4 section and for each section  there is a problem related to probability and you have to write the experimental probability and theoretical probability.


I have learned how to use the theoretical and experimental probability better. Before I didn’t know what those 2 words were but now I know.


I felt the thing that was challenging was how to find the theoretical probability on all the activities because I wasn’t sure what might the answer would be.


Now I have learned a lot more of the key elements for the whole topic about probability. And learning some of the key words for it.


I have found out about myself as a learner with this activity that using and writing the theoretical and experimental probability that it can help with showing my working in a better and organised way.


What I could’ve done better and improve on is that I could right down more information in the activity next time and make it more detailed.

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