Weekly Reflection 7

Hi readers !

On Monday the class started to do the trade game. It’s when everyone gets a random card and depends on the card number like Ace to 5 you have less advantages than 6 to 10 and the queen, king and jack. The Aces have to sit on the carpet when we work and they can only use their Laptops for 15 minutes. The other numbers can sit on the desk for work but the king gets to choose. But the disadvantage is that the 2 to 5 can only use 2 markers for the week and the 4 markers and the King queen and jack can use as many coloured markers as they want. And depends on the card we get that number of uni fix cubes to trade. So we think that those uni fix cubes are like money. Then we can trade those things for snacks and items that our classmates bring. Mr. Brodie made us have a challenge which was if the person has the most uni fix cubes is the winner. The thing about this activity is that we created 2 reflections of this activity.

On Wednesday we started our economic research report. Where Mr. Brodie made us split into groups into fives then we made a chart in our literacy journals. The first half of the chart was the form of what we need in a report. Then the second half was the connection which means how is the topic connected to other types of things. Then we started to type our report about our economic research. So right now some people are in the planning and drafting stage for our reports.

Then on Friday we had a guess speaker who was talking about climate change and his experience with the mountains and I think that inspired people to follow their passion just like the guest speaker did. Then we started to share our home learning with first a partner then we share with another partner group. 

Thanks for reading this weeks blog post. See you guys soon !

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