Goal settings

Goal settings

This week Mr. Brodie told us to write our goals to work on and improve from now till Christmas break. We are supposed to have 3 goals and they have to be SMART goals.

My first goal is to work on understanding big concepts in math. I have 3 steps, my first step is trying to create different ways to solve a problem, because if I solve a problem in different types of ways it would be easier to understand the bigger concept in math. My second step is to find the main idea of that math problem. It’s easier to solve the math problem by understanding the main idea of the math problem to find it out. My last step is to check back when I’m finished the equation and next time think how can I improve and make it easier.

To make these steps easier, I will practice this at home everyday for 20 minutes. And if I’m at school I will ask my teachers for help. I will know when I finished my goal when I understand the the bigger concepts of math and I understand it really well. And I also can show math in a lot of different ways on each math equation.

My second goal is to work on is my comprehension when I’m reading. The reason is because I need to work on my reading skills because when I read and I have to answer a question about the book i cant really answer. My steps are first I have to try understanding the book while reading with detail so it would be easier to comprehend the book. My second step is to read everyday for 40 minutes to improve on my comprehension skills. My last step is to writing down what I understand from the book so I can understand the whole idea of that page.I will know I improved on this goal when I’m reading I understand each sentence properly. And also I can answer.

My last goal is to work on my time management for my work. I want to improve this goal because when I need to finish what I worked on I don’t really pay attention to my time management . My first step is to write down on a paper to remind me how much time I have for each activity. So I can remember how many minutes I need to work on my first activity.My second step is to make sure to remind myself to stay focused on each task for my time management to be better. I need to work on this goal at home and at school to make a habit all the time. I know when I finish this goal When my time management is good at school and I get everything done faster than before.

Those are all of my goals till Christmas break.

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