Weekly Reflection 5

Weekly Reflection 5

This week was a busy week. We didn’t have school on Monday because it was a public holiday.I have learnt so much from this week.


On Tuesday the whole class found the most interesting thing was we went down to the lab where the upper school kids stay and study. 2  upper school students thought the class what happens when you had acid into dairy. We had to add lemon juice into a glass of milk and we had a cheese cloth and we checked it’s weight and then we put the acid and milk on the cheese cloth and made it heavier and we found out whats the difference.


On Wednesday we had math rotations and Mr. brodie taught us how to use different ways to solve math problems so we could learn math in a more easier way.

The next was Thursday. We had a map test and it was about math. It was pretty hard but I tried my best and I acomplished pretty much what I wanted to finish. It was a sucess.


On Friday, we had exploration time. Mr.Brodie made us fill out a worksheet about we wanted to do for our exhibition project.


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