This week we were researching about buoyancy on Brainpop and we watched a video and we created a mind map about it. The video said water and other liquids are a fluid. We use fluids all the time so we don’t know how strange they are. If we push solids it bounces back at you but if you push through a liquid, it doesn’t push back at you. Archimedes’ theory of buoyancy is that the buoyant force is equal to weight of water an object displaces. Whether that the force is strong enough to make something float depends on the objects destiny.The negative buoyancy that it weights more than the volume of water it displaces. But the positive buoyancy is an equal volume of displaced water is more than enough to support it. That’s the positive buoyancy. Objects with neutral buoyancy weight about the same as the displaced water. Negative buoyancy is when the object weighs more than the volume of water it displaces. That’s negative buoyancy. For me buoyancy is so interesting !

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