Seminars-Girl Power

Seminars-Girl power

The second most interesting seminar was girl power presented by ms.lin. She talked about how the girls in poor countries could not go to school. Instead they had to work at home and have rarely any education or even no education at all. There once a little girl named Suma and her parents sent her away when she was 6 to work in a house with a master that forced her to work all day.

The master had 2 daughters that could go to school because they were a really rich family that lived. While Suma was working the 2 girls made fun of Suma that she had ugly ragged clothes while they were playing. When Suma was 7 she left to the second master’s house there she was suffering for many years then she went to the last master’s house when she was 11 and there was a bit of  hope. In the master’s house there was a teacher that came to the house and started  teaching kids. Suma was really happy. One day the teacher said to the master that Suma had to leave and had no right to work all day. But the master said no. Still the teacher would not give up instead she kept trying and finally the master said yes. Now Suma is free. So when she sees some girls working she trying to tell them and wish that all of them would be free. Now I understand how we are so lucky that I could go to school. I also really enjoyed the seminar.

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  1. I am so impressed that you have so much appreciation over the life you are having.
    There are numerous kids who can’t receive proper education and treatment which they are supposed to have. Keep it up !!!

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