Greek Gods

Seminars- Greek Gods

The most interesting seminars that I have been to was the greek gods presented by the 10th grades students. They talked about who the gods were and what their powers were. The most powerful god was Zeus the god of  lightning, thunder and the  people he lives on mount olympus with the other gods. He basically is the king of all the gods. His father( Cronus ) swallowed all of Zeus’ brothers and sisters. Zeus was able to survive and saved his brothers and sisters. The next god is Poseidon is the god of the earth and the sea. If people disrespect him or make fun of him he gets angry and makes an earthquake and kills a lot of people.Then there’s Demeter she is the goddess of the harvest. She helps people have harvest for their family. Demeter grows the wheat and the people just take it. When she gets angry like when Hades kidnapped Persephone ( Demeter’s daughter) and Demeter made the harvest grow until Persephone came back from the underworld. Athena the goddess of wisdom has the power of wisdom and has a great intelligent mind and has ways to protect herself.  All of the gods and goddess’ are really powerful . Once they get really angry they use their power to express their anger.  I really enjoyed the seminar and now I have more knowledge about the Greek Gods and Greek culture.

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