My design logo reflection

Veronica’s Logo

This logo represents me in a lot of ways. The main highlight of the logo is that it has my name on the logo and the colours and the kind of the objects representing me in a type of way.

The background colour represents me because the colour is a mixture of light blue and light green, colour psychology says that blue represents trust, loyalty and reliableness, and the colour green represents growth, dependability and lastly relaxation. I feel like these traits kind of represent me in a type of way.

The “O” in my logo represents me in a way because it kind of has a 2 side to the person since half of the colour is yellow and half of the colour is blue. The colour yellow represents happiness, caution and cheerfulness, which can kind of represent me in a type of way. And also blue can represent me because the colour blue can mean, calmness and wisdom which can represent me half of me sometimes. Thank you.

These are some questions you can answer:

(1) Do you think this logo represents me and what do you think about it?

(2) How do you think my logo represents the design principle?

(3) Is there anything I need to change about my logo?


Exhibition reflection

Exhibition reflection

The exhibition was such a fun and interesting experience and I think everyone had a lot of fun doing it. I really liked the way I worked really hard and put all of my effort in my exhibition so when the exhibition day came around I was really proud of myself. But I wish I had maybe dug a bit deeper for my action because I think for my action I only covered the surface of my action. So I think now even though that exhibition is finished I think that I can still take a bit of action with my exhibition topic. I still need to work on researching some minor things about my topic to be a real expert so I can know mostly everything about my topic. What helped me understand my topic was the interview I wanted to do with an expert in my topic and she really helped me the most through this experience and I’m really happy she helped me because I think that without her I wouldn’t understand my topic as much as I know it now. I am most proud of my research that I’ve been doing for a really long time. I think that the work and research that I did really paid off. It will be easy to remember how my action would work because it was pretty easy for me and I think that was one of my highlights of my exhibition. One of the most tricky part of this whole exhibition would be researching as well because it took a really long time to 100% understand. But I’m happy that now I understand everything that I have researched for the past 6 months. Exhibition was one of my highlights of this whole year and I’m happy that it’s over but I’m also really sad. I think that this was a new and fun experience.

Weekly Reflection 10

Hey guys, we had a fun week at school !

We have been starting to learn more about graphs and interpreting them. The class created a survey on a google form about any topic. Also we’ve been having small activities to learn graphs and data more. I think I’ve done a good job but I need to improve on my time management more during this time.

Our class has also started our new unit related to energy and we are going to pick a question related to it then  make a explanation writing. I have started my research and I’m getting a lot of new information about things I didn’t know about energy. I still have to work on researching a bit faster cause I have been taking too long.

We also have been every week sharing our home learning to see how everyone has been doing with home learning. I have been doing my home learning really well . But I think I need to take more time and put more effort in it.

Bye readers !


Weekly Reflection 9

Hi readers, This week was really fun.

We started a project about data management and we had to use all our graphs knowledge and make a product and make it into a presentation. I think I did worked on it well and I created the product on time but I think I need to improve on putting more information in the presentation.

We also have researched on exhibition. Everyone in the class worked really hard and I think that we have learned a lot more about our exhibition than before. We had to also follow a checklist for exhibition and it had a lot of things to do. So we were really busy. I think I have to work on my time management skills and be more thoughtful for the time and right down more information in researching because we don’t have a lot of time left.

We did learning cohorts where we went to different classes and started to form groups that are most related to each other and do more research. I think I should improve on my researching skills and I have to find a expert to email and interview them.



Exhibition Reflection

Exhibition Reflection

This week we mostly worked on our exhibition and I have to write a exhibition reflection on my performance.


I think one of my stars ,are that I have done a lot of research and I have worked on my exhibition very well. Also, I have learned a lot about medicinal plants and how it can help people and become a natural remedy.


My second star is that I have tried to keep in contact with a medicinal doctor through email and I think that would help me with my research.


But I think a wish would be to put more of my research and write down more information in my exhibition journal to look back on it.