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Discuss the following creative decisions you made for your song choice…

Be specific to earn your grade!

How is recording the same as the original song? Why did you do this? *

The lyrics are the same, and so is the strum patten. The key is different though, because we had to change it to make it easier, although it still had six chords, only two of the chords were new. The reason i used the same lyrics is because it would be a different song, or a parody of it.


How is recording different compared to the original song? What were your reasons behind your decisions? *
I think that it would be different if I had a higher voice because it was hard to record with such a low voice, and that I am already bad at singing. I am also kind of bad at editing and the piano part. I had to record all of them in pieces it would take time to scroll down every time, and I also had to record my singing and strumming separately, because I was already bad at singing.


Discuss the following skills in relation to your Ukulele song choice…

Be specific to earn your grade!


Ukulele Skills… *
Even though I knew how to play the ukulele before, i got blisters every week after playing it, and it hurt when i got the water out. Now, i don’t play as hard, so i don’t get blisters every week. I also started to find out knew chords and not just play the chords, but also play the melody.


GarageBand editing – digital instrument, drum use… *
My garage band editing is ok, because I could record ok and do everything ok, except for remembering to save my stuff. I still had my strumming in it, but my other things were still deleted, and when I was singing, it was too quiet to hear


Time management for your project… *
my time management is bad, considering I can’t hand it in fully completed, since the only thing I have saved is my chords.

Amazing grace Garage Band

What is the key of your tune? Time Signature? *
the key is c, and the time signature is 3/4


What sort of rhythms are used in your song? *
In my song, (Amazing Grace,) I use Minims, Crotchets, quavers, dotted Crotchets, and Dotted minims.


Discuss your note accuracy and rhythm accuracy in regards to your strumming and melodic playing… *
I am around average in note accuracy but when I am recoding, I get a little nervous about the amount of time there is, and I am also nervous about getting something wrong, and so then most of the time I do get it wrong when I record. I am a little better when I strum though. I think it is because i have strummed for the second year already, but I have never played the melody of something before.


What Ukulele skills have you acquired? *
I have learned how to play different keys, and a little bit more minor. In the minor category, I have also tried getting better at melodic minor, because I’m not that good at it. And for the harmonic minor I am slightly better at it because for learning all the instruments that I have played before, (mainly piano,) i have learned harmonic a long time before i start learning melodic. (Scales)


How did you decide your tempo to match your song and style? Did the context of the song change because of this? *
I started playing around with the tempo, and then when I got the right tempo for my melody, I split every thing that was wrong up. and then I did the strumming. the thing is, I can’t do the same with strumming because I don’t know how to stretch a recording or make it shorter, so I had to do a lot of tries. before I could do my singing, (which would probably be terrible,) I accidentally forgot to save it and then pressed command Q, so then when I tried to record my singing, first, i couldn’t find my ukulele recordings, and for some reason, I couldn’t even record.


How did you use the editing tools in Garage band? Editing, cutting, flex-time, trimming, plugins… *
I didn’t use that much editing tools except for trimming.


Discuss your recording process; did you have any concerns or issues? *
As I said above, when I am recoding, I get a little nervous about the amount of time there is, and I am also nervous about getting something wrong, and so then most of the time I do get it wrong when I record. I am a little better when I strum though.

My Instrument Choice

So in class we had to choose an instrument that we were supposed to play, so I chose the saxophone. i did a little research and this is a video that I found:

So apparently you are supposed to place your right thumb on the lower thumb rest and your left thumb on the upper thumb rest and hold the saxophone on the right side of your body for and alto saxophone. You are also supposed to keep both of your hands in a “C” shape so that your thumb is in the thumb rest and your fingers can access the keys. i find it ironic since i feel like we are probably going to learn C major first.


PYP Exhibition

i just finished PYP Exhibition and during it, waiting was pretty boring when you had no one to present to. my topic is about overuse of water. The first day my partner and I set up the “station,” we had her posters, my I-Movie and my experiment about the comparison of a shower head that saves water and a normal shower head. this is my research

Overuse of water is a big problem in the world right now because even though 70% of the world’s surface is covered in water (cubic miles), only 2.5% of that is usable for all animals and human, and 1% usable for humans. And the big problem with people is that nobody cares about such a big problem! One of the biggest parts of overuse is baths.


 In a bath, there are 80 liters in a bath, that is able to support 12 and a half drinking water humans for a day! Since a bath has 80 liters and takes 8 minutes, which is 10 liters a minute, so there is one liter pumped out of the bath tap every 6 seconds, which is a lot. And compared to a shower, the shower only produces 9   every ten minutes! So that would be 15 ml every second big. 15X6=90 so 90ml:1000ml, the massive difference!


 So even though baths feel very good, we should always remember that overuse is a big problem in life.


However, there are factories that can separate bacteria and other bad germs/ out of the water and make the water clean and usable, that still does not mean we should just forget about the overuse of water because those factories are rare and they take up a whole lot of money and electricity.


 Next to baths, flushing the toilet is also a big part of over-use because each flush can be 11.3562-26.4979 liters of water.


Fortunately, companies know about this and now toilet flushes are just 1.6 gallons of water because more and more people are being more aware of this problem that is getting larger.

So we should not give up trying to help stop the overuse of water.


 Washing machines use most water from 15-30 gallons of water (56.8-113.6 liters). But before that, they used to use 29-40 gallons of water (119.7-170 liters). Since people have been more aware of the problem of overuse of water, people have made the washing machine use less water. Now there are washing machines that only use 5 and fewer gallons of water, but that is still a lot. And the difference between a normal shower head and a water efficient shower head is 900ml: 600ml in 10 minutes.


 Since we are using most water from underground, it is getting more and more expensive to drill deeper, so a lot of wells are starting to not be able to reach clean water. It costs a lot of money and energy. When people use all of the groundwater from one place, the streams, rivers, and lakes nearby also get affected. When all the groundwater gets finished used, the pressure from gravity will make all the dirt collapse. And if the groundwater is near the ocean, when the clean water is all used, the saltwater can contaminate the water we use.


 People usually think that water is harmless. But there is something called nitrate, which is harmless in small amounts of consumption, but it is bad for you to drink too much water with nitrates. This is called over-hydration, which can cause methemoglobinemia, also known as a blue baby syndrome. This sickness is rare, but you might want to consider the risks. And if you hate explosive diarrhea, yeah umm you know…


 Did you know that 50% of the USA’s water is from groundwater!? And it is getting polluted by oil, gasoline, road salts and other chemicals and make it not safe for usage. There are a lot of storage tanks that contain these chemicals that can crack and pollute the groundwater that we use every day.  


Hydroelectricity is a big problem in water ecosystems, even though it helps us a lot and helps create 17% of the world’s electricity. First, when the government makes the turbines in the water, they might accidentally release a lot of oil into the water.   In micro-beads, there are things that absorb most of the other bad plastics in the ocean, which is harmful when fish, whale sharks and plankton eat them. The bigger fish eat them, then sharks eat them and the micro-beads are in the whole ecosystems in the oceans

. We eat fish and the micro-bead go in our stomachs.


  Did you know that there is a floating pile of trash 1.6 million square kilometers in the ocean?! It is more than two times the size of Texas! If we try to burn it all, there will be a lot of air pollution, global warming and the water would just put the fire out.


   So we have to think more about why water pollution is a big problem. Just trying to solve it makes other problems. There is actually a river that was so polluted by oil tests that its radioactivity can kill you if you stand there for an hour. Before it was polluted by oil, it was a clean river that was potable. Plastic waste actually affects the ocean ecosystem because turtles think it looks like jellyfish which they’re the main source of food.


  Small fish and plankton eat micro-beads, tiny pieces of plastic they put in clothes and toothpaste! Companies have to put micro-beads into the description, but they have made a lot of names that also mean micro-beads so that you would not know The whale sharks eat those small fish and plankton and the micro-beads go into the whale shark’s stomach.


 Bigger fish also eat the small fish and plankton, so the micro-beads go in their stomachs. Then there is a cycle and the micro-beads affect everything in the ocean. When we eat the fish, the micro-beads go into our bodies




And here are some of my reflections

 So right now, I am just finished with my research, and I want to organize a field trip to somewhere to find out about overuse of water, and water pollution. It is 2 months before the exhibition and I am at the stage of organizing a field trip. I feel like Ethan and I could work in a group because I am partially doing water pollution and he is too. Since today we are having cohort groups, I will try to organize a field trip.


  I have information about surface water on earth, what uses most water at a house, groundwater and how hydro-power affects rivers, oceans, and lakes. I have done most of my lines of inquiry already. Ethan and I just went to a field trip to beach cleanup and got a bag and a half of trash, not including orange peels, sausages, and pineapples. Aaron was supposed to come, but he was “sick”.

  The whole time I lost more and more of my appetite. I found a lot of plastic and things that pollute the ocean. I also saw a huge tire in the sea that I could not get. We went to discovery bay and Ethan’s dad took us.


   When I looked at the water, I knew immediately why we mostly groundwater instead of surface water. We saw a dead fish, and its head was ripped off, and Ethan and I looked inside, and there was plastic. Ethan also found a dead jellyfish.  –

camp stuff



At first I thought camp was gonna be bad like the other camps, except this camp was actually better than the other camps. Outward Bound was very fun and the counselors were very nice. For some apparent reason, Brendon (aka blender) kept on crying at the most random times at on the third day he blamed me for it. Apparently he saids that elbowed him in the middle of the night and he only got five minutes of sleep. When he told me in the morning he was not crying. But then in lunch he started crying and started telling everyone about how I elbowed him in the middle of the night. I think he just wanted to get me in trouble. The bad thing about camp was we could lose our things easily. But this camp i did not lose anything at all. Brendon thought that he lost his water bottle but it was in his bag the whole time. I liked the third night because we got smores. I liked the jetty jump and kayaking. The only thing i did not like was the wet sand in my water shoes.