The Attack of the Tsunami

The Attack of the Tsunami

The day in Tokyo was very normal. It was very sunny and really peaceful where John’s family lived. John and his family moved from America to Japan because America had hurricanes and tornados that happens every year. John had finished his school and was at some store to buy some snacks. At school, they had a practice for preparing a Tsunami and a Earthquake. He learnt about how people can protect themselves in a Tsunami. He found a shop that sold candies and cakes.


As he went inside the shop, the shop started to wobble. Cakes and candies started to drop from the counter. First he thought a big truck was just passing by the shop but he heard a person that he learnt at school. “JISHIN!!!” (which meant Earthquake). He knew what he had to do, but he was too scared to do it. Then he saw a man who pushed him under a table. After he got pushed under the table, all the snacks and cakes were falling down he felt relieved that he got pushed. The signs and pictures on the wall were also falling down. About 5 minutes later, the Earthquake stopped, he was really relieved that the Earthquake has stopped. He went outside the shop, he saw most of the building has fallen. Some people were helping others to get out from the collapsed buildings. He saw other people running away from the shore. He didn’t know why they were doing that but a stranger came to me and told me something in Japanese. He didn’t know what he was talking about but He knew a word that he said “Tsunami”.


John didn’t run but walked away from shore, then people started screaming behind him. He looked behind him and he saw a massive wave of water coming up to him. The water carried big trees, cars and even some parts of buildings. I started sprinting away from shore up to the steep hill of a mountain. He still saw people trapped inside collapsed buildings. He wanted to help them but the Tsunami came closer and closer. When the Tsunami was about 10 meters close, Somebody on a motorbike caught him and put him behind the motorbike. He felt much safer because the motorbike was faster than the tsunami. After the motorbike stopped at the top of the mountain, he said thank you to the driver. He looked down at the city he was just at. All the buildings were collapsed and every place was flooded with water. He thought about his family, mom, dad and his little brother. He was really worried about his family, even his annoying little brother. A person gave him water, food and a sleeping bag. He couldn’t sleep for a long time and he saved the food for the next day.


It was 5am when he woke up. The sun was rising from the sea. He looked at the city again. The water was still there, he drank some water and ate some food. He saved some of the water and food for later. Around him some people were hurt and many other people were sleeping. John wondered where might his family be. In the water? Maybe in a campsite that might be safe? Or maybe somewhere he can’t even think of. Last time he saw his family at their house. John’s family all knew where to go when it was an emergency. Their family would all meet at the top of the hill of Shinagawa. It would be a long walk from here, so he asked a person who knew how to speak english. He asked the man if there is a transportation that leads to the top of the hill of Shinagawa. The man said “You can use one of the emergency boat to get around. I can ask a person who knows how to drive those stuff”. John and the man started to look for people who can drive the boat. It took ages looking for one, but the man finally found a Firefighter who knew how to drive the boat. John thanked the man and firefighter started the engine of the boat.


About 3pm, the boat reached the top of the hill. He got off the boat and ran to the meeting site. He saw a small campsite and there was about 10 to 12 people in the campsite. They were getting ready to eat dinner. The people in the campsite saw John, they came up to him. They said that their parents were there. John’s parents came out from the tent. John was very happy because all his parents were there. John’s family lived happily ever after.