Our Fashion Show

Hello and Happy Chinese New Year (Happy Australia’s Day a bit late for that). Before the CNY break, we had a lot of things to do and one of the most important ones was the AIR (Artists in Residence). We had a Fashion Show and we had to make our own clothes (we had to still wear real clothes under) using recyclable stuff. Our group agreed to make a rugby T-shirt, but they didn’t show us any boys examples, so we had to create it by ourselves.

We made our T-shirt and pants using recycled paper. It was a very bad idea to use paper for the pants because it kept on ripping but the T-shirt was fine and very well looking. We wrote numbers on the back (just like real players) and we also put our company name (it’s not a real name) Hong Kong Rugby Sportswear.

We actually did really good on that project, but days before the fashion show (As you know) the Hong Kong Government shut down all schools because of influenza going on in Hong Kong. Our school is a private school, (I don’t know why) but they shut down our school too and our fashion show was canceled. We were very disappointed because we worked very hard on our clothes. We were still happy too because we had 1 more week added to our CNY holiday. I think this week was a very happy and disappointing week.