For my cohorts, we did really good with our cohorts by researching a little bit more into our friends by supporting them with their organization. I contributed with my friends by talking with them. We didn’t face any challenges though we were having some trouble with our computer. I should try to find more things.

Weekly Reflection

For my week, we started our new unit for How We Organize Ourselves. We have done a lot of work as we are tuning in and starting to research into finding out about how energy is used.

I think I put a lot of effort into my research as I am using a book for a resource. Being able to use a book for my research is something that I really happy about because I usually use my computer for resources. I am happy that I could also be able to take notes on my process journal because I usually take lnotes on my computer. Next week I think I could do a lot more researching as I could do more work.


Presentation Glows and Grows

For my presentation, I think I did a great job on my presentation for my pollution idea.

For my glows, I did pretty well on how I constructed my presentation and how I used statics and facts to support my opinion.

For my grows, I will need to work on my presenting skills because my group thought that I should present without any hesitation and that I should’ve practiced and prepared more. I could’ve used more of the persuasive strategy such as logos, pathos, urgency, etc.


This week, we had the Young Americans come and be with us from LA. Throughout the week, we were practicing and learning dance moves for our performance.

At first, I was very nervous about my performance because I had 2 solo’s that we had to do for our performance. Remembering the dance moves and the transitions was hard because we had to learn it using most of the 2 days that we only had.

Being able to perform with friends and other YA members were really fun though. At the end of the first day, some of the YA members were like best friends we knew from a long time ago. I have never thought of the practices to be fun and active but I was sweating every time when we had a break time. It was fun to do other activities not related to our performance such as song making. We also put in some acting parts on our show which we actually were supposed to learn it just for fun. I think that this experience also gave me courage and commitment for my future.

Camp Reflection

This year, the camp was very fun, exciting and energetic. It was a good experience for me and my friends to do a lot of activities that are active and interesting. We were able to learn a lot of facts or hacks for making a bonfire or washing all of the lifeguards after our activities.

Responsibility was one of the biggest things that we have learned to do in camp. We cleaned and did all of our activities ourselves which let us learn more about how responsible we have to be when we are in the social life after university. This makes us be more mature too. Being able to do activities while learning about responsibility was a fun and weird experience for me.

The activities were the most exciting parts of the whole camp. This was because all of the activities were active and it took everyone out of their homes and got them to have an opportunity to have fun outdoor. This fun, outdoor activities have helped students in my group be more interested in nature and being able to go outdoors and do active activities instead of watching tv or playing video games.

In conclusion, I think that being able to have the experience in camp have taught me many facts about the wonder of nature. It also teaches me to be more responsible to clean up or tidy up ourselves after anything we do

Weekly Reflection

This week was a very fun week. We are about to have our Halloween party!! I am very excited because we will be able to watch a movie. This is going to be very fun because I am able to see many costumes which are all very creative. The movie is going to be the most exciting part. I am also excited to look at the halloween assembly.

We have also learned using the new applications for the robots to learn how to send and receive messages between robots

Goals until the December Break

Today, I set up 3 goals that I set up until the December break with a lot of learning strategies that I could use when learning at school and at home.

The first goal is to learn more and use advanced and interesting vocabs to make my essays and stories more interesting for readers to read them. Ways to achieve this goal is by finding words that I don’t understand the meaning of. Then I could search up the word on a dictionary or online on websites and I could then record the word on a piece of paper and the meaning near the word. I could use the paper to read and review the word(s) every day to remember it. I will be able to find the words on a book or on an article. I could write the meaning of it in a booklet which is named “Personal Glossary”. I can review it after or before I go to school. I will know that I have achieved this goal when I remember several words every month.

The second goal is the be more reflective by reviewing goals and work that I have done before because I usually don’t review my old work. A way to do this is by looking at notebooks and works that we have done. Next, I can look at the mistakes that I have made and review them. Then I can remember the mistake and make sure not to make the mistake again. I could look at math, Language and process books for reviewing. I could then find a person to help me check my work and then look at the mistakes to review them. I could review the work that I have done every 2 to 3 weeks so I could remember it.

The third goal is to be more creative by doing and writing work using more creative works. This is because I tend to be really simple and not put any creativity into the work. I could do this by first finding any kind of work that I have to do at school or at home. I will then try to figure out a way to do it more creatively. Next, I will hand the work to a teacher, parent or a friend, so I could get feedback comparing from the work that I have done before. I could find the work that I could do at home or at school. I could find a time where I could put a lot more effort into work. Then I can hear the feedback, and try to improve.

I wish these goals will have an impact on me when doing work at home or at school, and that I could be able to reflect, write and understand challenging words, and also be more creative when doing work.