Weekly Reflection

I felt that this week was a long and exciting week for me.

My proposal for my exhibition is coming soon next week, and I am getting sorted out of what I am going to share with the teachers. The topic that I am going to present is related to rockets because I have many wonders about the functions, connections and the causation of the rockets.

Our class also went on the field trip to a place called Oxfam, where we learned about inequality and how people living in China who has the farm residence. This is because people who have the farm residence has many limitations to work, home and family. In the presentation, we have heard that the people are treated unfairly and that some people actually suicide because of these problems.

I am also working on my proposal because I am going to have it next week. I am proposing for my exhibition so that I will be able to do this. I have been planning for over a month with information that I am going to share with the teacher. I am really excited.

17/9/17 to 22/9/17

This week, we did a lot of things. For example, we learnt about Multiplying and Dividing Decimal Numbers and we also learnt about Circumstances and Less Privileged People. I think the very important thing that we did is the poster that I worked on. I made a poster about Myself and Less Privileged People. I used Compare and Contrast to describe the similarities and difference about myself and Less Privileged People. For the similarities, I wrote that…


  • We all have a house
  • Some people are free
  • Some people and places have a kind of transportation
  • Some communities have events
  • There are teachers
  • We all are able to afford some food


For the differences…..

  • What their houses are made out of
  • The clothes they wear
  • They don’t have common things that we have(pen, paper)
  • There are no classroom(no enough money)


A way people including myself to help the less privileged people is by…

  • Give money to charities
  • Volunteering to help people in need
  • Work for a charity company


After that I finished that, I drew pictures and put a picture that I found on the internet