This week, we had the Young Americans come and be with us from LA. Throughout the week, we were practicing and learning dance moves for our performance.

At first, I was very nervous about my performance because I had 2 solo’s that we had to do for our performance. Remembering the dance moves and the transitions was hard because we had to learn it using most of the 2 days that we only had.

Being able to perform with friends and other YA members were really fun though. At the end of the first day, some of the YA members were like best friends we knew from a long time ago. I have never thought of the practices to be fun and active but I was sweating every time when we had a break time. It was fun to do other activities not related to our performance such as song making. We also put in some acting parts on our show which we actually were supposed to learn it just for fun. I think that this experience also gave me courage and commitment for my future.

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