Camp Reflection

This year, the camp was very fun, exciting and energetic. It was a good experience for me and my friends to do a lot of activities that are active and interesting. We were able to learn a lot of facts or hacks for making a bonfire or washing all of the lifeguards after our activities.

Responsibility was one of the biggest things that we have learned to do in camp. We cleaned and did all of our activities ourselves which let us learn more about how responsible we have to be when we are in the social life after university. This makes us be more mature too. Being able to do activities while learning about responsibility was a fun and weird experience for me.

The activities were the most exciting parts of the whole camp. This was because all of the activities were active and it took everyone out of their homes and got them to have an opportunity to have fun outdoor. This fun, outdoor activities have helped students in my group be more interested in nature and being able to go outdoors and do active activities instead of watching tv or playing video games.

In conclusion, I think that being able to have the experience in camp have taught me many facts about the wonder of nature. It also teaches me to be more responsible to clean up or tidy up ourselves after anything we do

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