Weekly Reflection

In this week, we have done a lot of fun activities.

This week, we met our buddies which we were all waiting for the whole year. I was able to meet my buddy named Tyler. He was very shy though very caring and thoughtful to others. He likes to draw and write and has a brother in Grade 4 or 5. Other students in our class were also able to meet our buddies and it was very fun for our class and also my buddies class too.

This week for our learning, we focused on what I or we were passionate about and made a product that shows what we are passionate about, and relate it to the Central idea and the learning. It was kind of a passion project thing, and it was very fun for me. I and my friends presented about coding because it was very different and unique from others. I also got to look at others presentations too which was also very creative.

Overall, I think that this week was a very exciting week for me with all the project stuff.


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