My Reflection (this week)

This week was a very long week for me. Our class have done a lot of activities and have done things that I have never done before.

On the first two days of the week, me and my group have lead the class to do the Bingo game for the morning meeting. This was to give chances for students in my class to know each other in the class. This has worked well and people in my class have been able to know each others names and know some fun facts about them. Another game that we did in was using a string so we could throw the string to the other person on the other side of the circle and we would be able to make a web. The web turned very well, though I think that we could have done a better job so we could not get the strings tangled.

Throughout the week, our class have been making our essential agreements and signing them. We also read a book named Shi-Shi-Etko. This book was about a girl who was living with a native family. The girl lived in Canada, and as the law was to get native children to boarding school, the girl and the family was going to be away for months and years. There was also a part of the story about a memory bag and putting things that symbolize the native family. We took notes and tried to look at what the author was trying to tell us the readers.

For the unit Who We Are (WWA), we have looked at the central idea, “Exploring issues, interests, and passions inspires change” and looked at the meanings of the central idea and what it is trying to tell us. Our class found out that the central idea and the whole unit was related to our PYP Exhibition.

In our class, Mr.Brodie our teacher told us to own our learning. Our teacher gave us some things that we could do, and we students planned our own schedules per person and we were able to work freely on our schedules. On the program “Own it”, I did a project about my passions, and also a thing about a math pre-assessment too.

In Visual Arts (VA), we learned how to write nice and neat words by using pop sickle sticks, ruler, and a pencil. This was a great learning for me because I could use this technique when making posters and when writing nice words.

In Physical Education (PE), the whole grade is focusing on badminton. We are learning about smashes and types of hitting the shuttle. We are also trying to learn some rules in badminton. Though this week, we are focusing on taking down the nets and taking them up again.

In Performing Arts (PA), our unit is about Ukulele. We are learning how to play cords on the Ukulele and to play the tones. Everyone thought that it was fun, though it was not fun for me because I got a blister afterschool.

Overall, this week was a fun and exciting with new experiences that I made.

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