The Guest Speaker

This week, we had a guest speaker today. This guest speaker’s name is David Livingstone. He was a child soldier and he has escaped and made a organisation which is helping child soldiers out of their very dangerous circumstances. The organisation’s name is Salt & Light®. He has been a child soldier and had to go through his early days. These circumstances include killing his friends, shooting with guns and walking for one week without a break. This was very hurting for me because I have never knew these very violent things were happening in the world and even to kids. He has said that these kids were not able to go to school and have education. These people will grow up without knowing how to even read or write. This means that child soldiers is a very big problem because they cannot go to school. If these people were able to escape the war zone, they would need to walk to the central city. If they go thought that, they would be arrested because the government will think that you are a spy who is spying on the central city. This would mean going to a war prison. They mostly die in the prison camp because of starvation but this person was very lucky and was let go by a old man in the prison. Now that I have listened to David Livingstone, I have now felt like I would want people to take action into child soldiers. I feel that other people need to know about this act and everyone is going to make actions to help these children escape the war and put them into school to have education have a great future. This blog post is not about telling you about the guest speaker. This blog post is to RAISE AWARENESS in child soldiers. I think this is a very important task to do even before solving other problems. These children has a future.



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  • November 9, 2017 at 7:54 am

    Good and thoughtful comment, Hajime. In comparison with their situation you can think about yourself. Then the next step would be to think about what you can do. Good job.

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