17/9/17 to 22/9/17

This week, we did a lot of things. For example, we learnt about Multiplying and Dividing Decimal Numbers and we also learnt about Circumstances and Less Privileged People. I think the very important thing that we did is the poster that I worked on. I made a poster about Myself and Less Privileged People. I used Compare and Contrast to describe the similarities and difference about myself and Less Privileged People. For the similarities, I wrote that…


  • We all have a house
  • Some people are free
  • Some people and places have a kind of transportation
  • Some communities have events
  • There are teachers
  • We all are able to afford some food


For the differences…..

  • What their houses are made out of
  • The clothes they wear
  • They don’t have common things that we have(pen, paper)
  • There are no classroom(no enough money)


A way people including myself to help the less privileged people is by…

  • Give money to charities
  • Volunteering to help people in need
  • Work for a charity company


After that I finished that, I drew pictures and put a picture that I found on the internet


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