Scratch Coding

On Tuesday May 16th, We had our coding class. In coding class, we adding on to what we are doing on Challenge 2. In Challenge 2, we have to make a code that draws words. In my project, I have finished drawing a A, B, C, D, and O (This is the Link to the project). I am really looking forward to finishing my project for Challenge 2. At school, We are learning about the coordinates and other things that you might need for the code. It was really easy for me because I have done the same thing in a place where you learn how to code. Instead of making more words, I have been helping others to make their code better and also solve problems in their code. If I have more time, I would really like to make my codes better and make the words look realistic.


Overall, I think I have been helping others and our class has been cooperating and they are also curious about for the code.



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