Learning of this week (May 7, May 12)

This week, we went to a event named See, Think, Wonder. There were stations at the event. One of them was the green screen photograph. I took photos that cannot be done in real life. The picture on top is the photograph that I took. There were also other stations like 3doodler, a place to use instruments and other station. We went there to see the stations because our art teacher was very busy and we couldn’t have class, so the teacher told us that we can go to the event. I chose to write about this because I really liked what was in the event. It was interesting to see things that we can’t do in our daily lives. I didn’t really learn anything but the part that I really liked was when we got to do things.


The other thing that I really liked was the presentation of natural disasters in HK. The person who presented this is Mr. Still. Mr Still was a policeman at Tai Po but he retired and he is now telling other people and students about the natural disasters and how we can stand in these types of natural disasters in HK. We went to the presentation because we are learning about natural disasters. I chose to write about this because was very interesting to hear the presentation and his stories about being a policeman. I learnt about natural disasters that can happen in HK and videos about other natural disasters.


Overall, on this week I have learnt a lot of things about natural disasters in HK.

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