Reflection of the week (Mon, May Ist/Fri, May 2nd)

This week was a short week because there was Buddha’s day and Labour’s day, but we did many things.


The first thing that I want to show you is coding. On the last post, I think I posted a blog post of the tessellation. I really like coding, because I go to First coding to learn Java. We are using Scratch to code things. The picture on top is my tessellation. We are doing this because it is helping our mathematics and it is fun to use coding to make things. I chose to write about this because I like to do coding. I still knew a lot of Scratch coding, but I still learnt a lot because we don’t usually use so much math in First code.


The second thing is in Visual Arts. We learnt about Leonardo Da Vinci. We did it because we are learning about artist. We learnt about the mysteries of Mona Lisa. We also learnt he was an inventor too. I chose to write about this because I like to learn about the paintings that artists and what artist draw. I also like about the history of things, like paintings and invention.


Overall I had a great week by learning about these things



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