Performing arts Light paintings

In PA (performing arts), We are doing dance unit which we make our own dance with a group. With the dance, we are going to make a light painting. A light painting is made in a dark room and for this to work out, we need light to make the painting (Glow Sticks) and stick them onto your body. We need to take photographs and this will make the light painting. We will need a app to make the light painting. One app that you can also use is Light Bomber. At our school, we are focusing on patterns and shapes that we can make in the light painting.


We had a process to make our dance. First, we learnt how to draw the people in the drawing. Our teacher told us not to draw stick mans and not to draw too realistic that will take a hour to draw. She teached us a simple way to draw people. It was easier to see and it was really neat when she showed us. Using what we learnt in the first part, we used a storyboard to plan our ideas and bring them together. In the storyboard, we drew how the dance is shown and the important details can be written on the bottom of the drawing. When our group finished the storyboard, it was very neat and everyone could have understand it. When we finished the storyboard, we rehearsed with our group. We did it many times and as we practiced, we got better and better. Next class, we will be able to make the light painting using a app. I am very excited to see what our painting will look like when we finished.

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