Did technology made our life easier? (Persuasive writing)

I think the technology like iPhone and Mac made our life easier and better for human to live.


Firstly, technology can be used on communicating with other people. People can use Email or phone calls to communicate. These Email and phone calls takes seconds to communicate with other people. It can also be environmentally friendly because you don’t have to buy paper every time. You can also send photos without printing them out.


Secondly, you can use computer or technology to make things. For example, you can make a poster, blueprint, drawing, etc. These things may be faster made because you can type the words. It is easier to make because you don’t have to draw every picture or write every word in the poster or whatever you’re trying to make. If you erase and erase again and again, the mark might stay forever and it might not be neat.


Lastly, you can do research on technology. It has to be faster than books or other ways to research because for books, you have to look for the right book to research or the appropriate book to research on. Technology is very convenient than other ways to research because there is tons of websites that tells one topic. There are so many that you can get more info in a limited time.


Overall, I think people should use technology in their daily life to help them make their life a easier place




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