What we did this week (Wed 18th-Fri 21th)

This week in Visual art, we learnt about a famous painter named Matisse. He started painting when he was very young, but when he got older, he got cancer, meaning he couldn’t paint anymore, but he started making cutouts of pictures. He cut paper and he taped it on his canvas and also on walls of his house. We did this activity because to learn about famous painters and how the painters drew and the type of art he drew. I chose to write about this topic because it was very educational to me and it is fun to learn about other painters. First we watched a video on Youtube about his paintings and his cutouts and then we tried to use his idea and make cutouts of beautiful places or some students made random cutouts. It was very fun to make the cutouts and I felt very creative and enthusiastic about this learning of Matisse.

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