Treasure Island Reflection

From Wed, March 29 to Fri, March 31 all the grade 4 went camping at Treasure Island. We were separated into groups of 12 or 13 and we did activities that we cannot do at Hong Kong Island. We went to the beach, learnt about the ecosystems that is connected to our PYP, Sharing the planet.


What I really enjoyed about camp is that we could do activities that we normally don’t do, like going to a Wetland and study about the plants that live there and what can happen when the weather changes. I think the activity that I enjoyed the most is raft building Sandy shores because I liked it when we got to go to the ocean and played with the water.


An activity that I experienced for the first time was the Raft Building (picture on top) because we got to make our own raft and tried to use it in the ocean. Our raft did float and move, but it was very unstable. From what we built, we also learnt some ways to tie ropes. The materials we used is 4 to 5 ropes, 3 bamboo sticks and 3 tires.


I will remember when we had cold showers because it was very cold. I would also remember when we had Breakfast, Lunch and dinner at Mav’s because I liked the food there. There was pasta, cereal and other yummy food.


What I found challenging is when we had to sleep because I never slept in a sleeping bag. Sleeping bags are not very comfortable but can be very warm. It was warmer than the normal bed that I sleep in at home. When I came back from camp, it felt very comfortable when I got to sleep in a normal bed.


I learnt about the ecosystems and how to save the environment and nature. It was very fun because we got to do things that we don’t normally do in our daily lives. I learnt how to surf and learnt and played games that I don’t play or I didn’t know about.

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