Food Chain Mind-Map

This picture on the top is a mind map that I made in BrainPop and this mind map is about the food chains and also about the food web

Food chain is connected to the ecosystem because the food chain shows all the living things that eat each other. The Nourishment joins up to make the food chain and some of the animals depend on each other to survive. A example of a food chain may be like a plant plankton are eaten by the fish and and the fish is eaten by the bears near the river. If the shrimps goes out, the fish would go hungry and will eventually die, and if the population of the fish goes below way below the normal population, the bears would also get hungry. This can happen in the opposite way. If the bears go away, the the population of the fish would go higher than usual and the plankton will be eaten quicker.

There is another named the food web. The food web often combine to make food web many interconnected and overlapping chains. In a food web, there are three types of organisms. The Producers are plants and are all on the bottom of the food chain. They use photosynthesis to make their own food. Photosynthesis is the energy for the sun. There are three types of consumers in the world. The first one is Primary Consumers. Primary Consumers are sometimes named herbivores and they eat the producers like plants meaning the grass, flower, etc. There is also a secondary consumers and they are sometimes named Carnivores or Meat Eaters. They eat the primary consumers like deers, sheeps, cows, etc. Omnivores are animals that eat the Primary Consumers and the Secondary Consumers. Humans are also a Omnivores. Parasites are small insects that live on other animals and using the victim’s energy. For the decomposers are bacteria and fungi. It causes the mold but even better, it can break dead animals into reusable elements. It can also recycle the nutrients back to the food web.


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