Ecosystems Mind-Map

This mind-map on the top is the mind-map I made in Brain pop. I have used words and colour to represent the meaning. Red is for main things, green is for examples, and dotted lines are for  things leading to little examples.


Ecosystems is categorised in by the amount of rainfall and sunlight they get, and the condition of the soil. One of the examples for ecosystems are water ecosystems like ponds, lakes, rivers and ocean. These ecosystems interact with each other. In deserts, there are living and nonliving things. Deserts also don’t get much rain so they have very little water. Living things that live in these condition have to be able to survive without water for a long time. The soil is delicate and not very good for growing things. But they have a community of plants and animals that have adapted and lives in these places. For example, Cacti can store water, kangaroo rats sleeps underground where it’s cooler than outside where it’s burning hot and owls prey at night when the sun goes down. Community is also divided into different population. Population is made up of just one type of organism. These organisms has it’s own home. These homes are called habitats. For example, scorpions habitats is in sand.


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