Design project(Feb/19,Feb/24)

This week(Feb 19th – Feb 24th), the thing that I found interesting is the Design project using Minecraft. We did the Minecraft project because we were learning about the area and perimeter.


We started off with a draft of our house and we had to calculate the perimeter of the house and the area of the house and the room. Next, we did a Blueprint for the draft. The blueprint has to be really neat and clear so we all had to use a ruler so we can make straight lines.


The last step is to make the structure on Minecraft!! I am still on the blueprint step but I am very close to finishing. Also, the structure has to be the same as the blueprint.


I chose to write about this because it is very fun to make our very own structure. I also liked how we had to calculate the perimeter and the area. I am also looking forward to using my Minecraft. I also like to draw the blueprint because I like to draw and be creative.


I learnt about the perimeter and the area of things. For the perimeter, you have to add length and the height twice. To calculate the area, you have to times the length and the height.



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