Comparing Advertisement

Last week, we made a poster about iPod advertisements. We had two advertisements (poster) and we wrote persuasive techniques on the poster under each pictures. On the bottom, we compared which one was better and why was it bad.


This picture on the top is our poster. The one on the left used colour and words that pops out. One of the sentence is bold because it’s the most important thing that they want to tell to people who buy their products. It is very simple so it’s very easy for people to see. It also tells us more info(name of the product). You can tell that it is new because it says “Get your groove on. In four new colours.”


On the right one, it has the logo on the top so it tells what company made this product. The person on the advertisement is happy, so it tells us if you buy the product, you can be happy and excited. The background also stands out because the colour is is green. It is also big so it is easier for people to see. It also says the description of the iPod on the bottom. The iPod also stands out because the it’s white.


Our group thought that the left advertisement is better because it’s more neat. It is also clear to for other people to understand the product they’re trying to sell. There is more info than the right one. There is more colour so everything stands out. Our group thought the right one is too plane because they didn’t write anything. It used less colour than the left advertisement. We also agreed that the words on the bottom is too small.

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