Things that we learnt this week (Feb/6-10)

I think that the most important things that we learnt this week is the filming techniques. We made a video (commercial) and we also used iMovie to rearranged the video. We also used some different kinds of shots. We made this video because we are going to make a commercial by a iPad and iMovie by ourselves. I chose to write this because it was related to our Unit of Inquiry and I am also a Digital Ambassadors so I should also remember these things to help other people in my class. We learnt about how to take care of these equipment, and how to use the equipment like the iPad’s and how to use iMovie. We also learnt about the Camera angles and when the camera angle is used (what feelings does it have).

One thought on “Things that we learnt this week (Feb/6-10)

  • February 21, 2017 at 8:01 am

    Hi Hajime,
    I really liked the featured image. It was really creative to take a picture of part of the movie and set it as your featured image. I think you took the photo at the right time as it was really sharp. You could work on your grammar a bit, but overall it was a very good post and I enjoyed reading it.


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