Poster for our New Unit, How We Express Ourselves

We started a new unit for How We Express Ourselves (HWEO). The central idea is “People can create message to target and influence specific audiences”. It means people can use Social Media to communicate with other people. Social Media is like Whatsapp, Line, Skype, etc. People can also use other ways like making a commercial / advertisement to communicate to the community.


This picture on the top is the poster. Our poster is about the SPCA, telling people to go to this garage sell to help the puppies who are at the SPCA. Our target audience means people who might be interested about the garage sell. So our target audience is people who like puppies and might want to help the puppies.


The techniques that we used is colour because the colour made the words were clear and easier to see. We also used pictures to convince people to come to our garage sell to save the puppies. We put pictures that our happy so we can tell people what will happen to these puppies when they were saved. We put small details like the address and what time it starts and ends and all details(it is fake).


I think people will want to save the puppies because the pictures can convince them to buy the goods to save the puppies.


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