Blog post: Friday, Dec 9th and Monday Dec 12th

On Friday, Dec 9th and on Monday, Dec 12th, we did our morning meeting as usual but at the Green Roof !!! It was the first time having a morning meeting on the green roof. It was really fun to go outside and do morning meeting because the wind was very comfortable than the classroom. I felt free when we went to the green roof because there was no roof and the I was really relaxed than being inside the classroom. I think our class should go to the green roof more so our classmates can have a relaxed time every day.

Also on the last period of Friday, there was an assembly and we planned to get the Cup Of Good Choices. We really worked hard on getting it. When the assembly finished, the secret judge (Ms Glazier) said our class worked really hard on getting the Cup Of Good Choices so they gave us the Cup of Good Choices. We were the first on getting the Cup Of Good Choices in Grade 4.


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